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  1. Hey everybody! As I was wondering my local Walmart I saw an interesting item. A reel that looks suspiciously similar to a tsunami shield. Upon further inspection it has the same amount of seals and used the same proprietary tool as the shield. I love my shield and these reels are half the price. Does anyone have any experience with the Ozark trail branded saltwater reel?
  2. Is it the spool or the frame that is flexing?
  3. I normally used a bg8000 with 80lb braid for my sharing needs. I just so happened to get a good deal on this bad boy. It would be pretty great to have another shark reel to hand a friend at night. Other than that I'm not too sure what exactly I'd wanna do with this beast of a reel. It's wayyy too heavy for plugging and probably too strong for carp. I might have to smack a load of 50 or 65lb and just hope for the best.
  4. Hi everybody! I bought an okuma 8k surf over this off season. I currently have it loaded with a whole lot of 20lb mono. I have seen people taking about using alot of 65lb braid and then a topshot of heavy mono. Supposedly it is strong enough to bring in medium sized sharks and heavy rays. Does anyone else agree with that? It's not a metal body reel but it is strong. I just wanna know if it would hold up to some abuse.
  5. Hey everyone! I'm starting to think about some of shimanos inshore offerings. I'm looking between the new Nasci and the Spheros inshore. They are both so close in price that I'm okay with either or. Which do you guys prefer?
  6. I have a 6500 that I use on party boats. I'm really trying to stick to something small. I have plenty of experience servicing spinning reels but lack some knowledge on low profile reels specifically.
  7. Definently out of my budget for inshore lol. I'd spend that much on a new jigging setup.
  8. That looks really nice for big bluefish in April. That's really cheap for a 300 size.
  9. Hi Mike I will definently check out the inshore lews reel. I would probably pair it with a medium or light action 7ft rod. I wanted to target schoolie bass and later on fluke with it. Probably any lures I can up to an ounce.
  10. Hi Mike, Do you have any other similarly prices suggestions for inshore? I have an accurist but don't like how it preforms. It makes a terrible noise when engaging the gear from freespool (seems to be an issue with brand new ones aswell). However that's a seperate issue.
  11. Hi everyone, I'm having some difficulty understanding the shimano slx. Would this reel be suitable for light inshore fishing? I know it's a beast in the bass world, but would it hold up to the occasional schoolie or blue? Also, could this reel even hold up to the salt? I would obviously do a freshwater rinse, but I'm concerned about the bearings.
  12. Hi there fellow Jersey anglers, I'm not asking for any specifics, im just curious. Has there been any luck catching white perch in the back bays yet? It's over an hour drive for me so I'm just wondering if it's worth the trip. If not I'll just continue trying for flounder right down the road from me lolol.
  13. Hi there. I've had a ball servicing my bg 4500. It went so smoothly and I'm almost finished with servicing it. I've tried my hardest to get this retention spring back in and cannot for the life of me figure out why it will not. I have repeated the bearing atleast 4 times now and cannot get the spring in place. No matter what I seem to do, it will not snap back down. I've watched tackle advisors video and many others. Can I get some support here please?
  14. I got a tsunami 5-star 10ft surf rod from a tackle shop here in jersey. It was around 60 bucks if I remember correctly. Good for casting chunks. Otherwise, I would probably use a 4 piece. I heard the Okuma nomad was supposed to be really good if you have the money.
  15. I started getting serious about surf fishing this season. My main goal is to start targeting sharks. I just bought an okuma solaris surf rod. 12ft heavy action. It has the ability to lob up to 16 ounces of lead. I also have a df100a on the way and some carbon washers to boot. It's nothing fancy and I still plan on getting a penn prevail or airwave rod for my bg 8000. Anyone else wanna share what they started with for surf sharks?
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