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  1. Not sure what that is about, or how to fix it. Sorry.
  2. Any of the flats you see on Google Earth west of Windemere (east of Eleuthera) are good DIY flats. North side of Windemere has been bought by Yellowstone people I believe and not sure what access is like now. You'll also see bones when walking the beach on the ocean side of Windemere. Not flats fishing per se, but still fun and sight castable.
  3. I was surprised with how good it was after Piney Point disaster. I fished the Palma Sola area last week and had great action with dark crab and shrimp patterns over sandy flats. Grass flats I had trouble getting attention.
  4. It's a bit north, but if you're in the Sarasota area, Compound Boardshop has a great fly-fishing section. I know they carry Nautilus and Hatch reels amongst others, as well as a great selection of flies and fly tying materials.