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  1. Looks like 90 to me lol
  2. What is the proper way to put a two piece rod together so it doesn’t keep twisting and become loose?
  3. Because he’ll just tell us what we want to hear and how we should only buy a st croix
  4. Looking to pull the trigger on one with a Black Friday sale. For the people who own the bailed version, do you have any issues with premature bail closures?
  5. Can anyone tell me which tide chart to look at for the old inlet?
  6. Anything I’ve bought from tsunami is garbage. I had two barrel swivels snap In half on large bass. I bought two different rods; a classic series for the once or twice a year boat trip I used to do for fluke. The rod snapped at the fore grip on a hook set bucktailing fluke and the other rod I bought the reel seat came loose after using a couple times. A friend bought a salt x reel and had nothing but problems from the start and after buying and returning three different reels they all had issues. he finally listened to me and bought a VS. Maybe the newer stuff is better but I won’t use it. The only tsunami product I like is their soft plastic sand eel
  7. It’s a tsunami what else do you want lol
  8. J&j patchogue has rod components
  9. Whatever you do don’t use yes dear home inspections!
  10. I have the Simms freestone boots with rubber sole. They are a bit bulky and heavy but overall a decent product and seem well made.I can’t be picky as I have large feet and the Simms come in large sizes.
  11. Been using berkley big game for leaders for decades, never a issue. A 1/4lb spool will last a few seasons and is around $7-$8. No need to use fluoro
  12. Surf fishing Striped bass overall has been poor for the last 10 years
  13. Shipped my belt to you on Monday. Thanks Luke!