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  1. I have tried there, assuming you are talking about the wooden bridge (not the cement bridge)? I tried around the pilings closest to the opening - no luck. I did not realize Spring was when they hit there though. Maybe my timing is just off? I heard people have gotten them there with just sea worms. I have tried seaworms and crab, no luck
  2. Thanks guys, if I hook up, I will PM you.
  3. Looking for Tog on the Northshore of MA. I have heard of a few spots up in the Marblehead, Salem, Beverly areas. I have tried them several times this year, but never had any luck. Tried green crabs, clams, white crabs even bits of lobster. Been trying very hard. It just hasn't worked. I really hope someone will help me out. I do know how to catch them, I just can't seem to get them in my area. Would anyone be willing to share a couple of spots with me? I boat out of Beverly, MA. I can share spots where I believe there are Tog up here and/or share my spots for Stripers, Squid, etc. Thank you!!