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  1. This is gonna piss people off but oh well Commercial fishing for Stripers should be stopped Stripers should be elevated to game fish status only catch and release and that would in itself wipe out the charter issue here’s the one thats gonna piss everyone off. What is the cause of more mortality’s on average ? Lures or bait? eliminate which ever has more mortality’s
  2. My Snipe S76X showed up today these rods are beautiful and very light It is rated 4〜21 G = .14oz to .74oz I paired it with a Stella 2500 with 20# JB I am going to use this setup for Small Mouth river fishing primarily a stick bait rod this one has the RG guides I would not use this setup for Stripers especially in cover but I think it’s gonna make a great stick bait rod for smallies
  3. Commercial fishing has run its course charter boats and their kill mentality is also a huge issue catch and release is a pleasant thought but not practiced well and while it is supported on the forums in practice not so much i can’t tell you how many times while out fishing i have been asked why are you releasing the fish wether it be bass or tuna etc in reality the people that dont even fish that i know do not get why i let them go I would support a game fish status for striped bass but in reality most would not
  4. Thank you Peter for elaborating
  5. Sorry it bothers you
  6. FG or UNI to UNI
  7. Here is my S72XX with a Stella 4k
  8. Im glad i looked at this I just went on line and saw a few Snipe 76’s landed so i snagged an RG model to go with my 72
  9. It ate 1000 yds nicely and I will have to take some off depending where I end up on leader Tomo was awesome to deal with and I am anxious to see how this goes
  10. The 30 WLRS came back very quickly they replaced two bearings cleaned and lubed now i just gotta find the time to spool it up
  11. Growing up working on my old mans marina we had a lot of boats and many different styles from Bertram expresses to scarabs and everything in between. When i was about 10 he got me a little Glastron bay boat and my older brother had a Rabalo center console. We would see the little classics on the back water running that end of the day inky smooth water and than idling buy with that lumpy throaty isle and I would beg my old man to buy one and his buddy who owned the marina next store and who was like an uncle to me an old salt named Emil McClusky would say stosh the kid will kill himself so I got a shamrock inboard so a few years ago I came across the right hull from a time before the chop gun ruled the day and took to redoing it The hull was solid and i had to do some glass and gelcoat work in the cockpit but all in all the hull was solid and the outside gel came back well the inter testing part was the old tired blue motor under the hatch. So while i was working on the hull The motor went to old Price Turner for a full rebuild. Price is a well noted big block marine guy so you have a 502 bored 30 over with a new blue motor ground cam total rebuild domed pistons roller rockers IMCO headers running a 4 blade labbed prop and it hits 84 mph if i switch the 4 blade to a 3 blade labbed left hand prop over 87 but it gets kinda scary it is a pretty boat