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  1. Pelagic pursuits skinner i miss the Spanish fly
  2. $275 shipped
  3. $150 shipped
  4. I am more concerned with the I fish for food group and the head boats killing anything legal than a guy fishing light line or light tippet on a fly rod or how about the meat fisherman letting the fish swallow the hook
  5. I have no issues fishing 30 to 50 pound fish and heavier on 15 to 20 pound braid Any lighter can’t put enough heat on them
  6. A lot of nice reels out there if you want sealed and a decent price Van Staal Vf 12
  7. $24.95 metal buckle can’t go wrong
  8. Yes my wading belt is a dive belt but to be fair i spearfish a lot and have a lot of them they are stiff and secure and support my pliers ,bogs etc well plus they are safe
  9. Anything this administration does I am skeptical of maybe we can fish around them liken oil rigs
  10. I was torn I really like my old C-Vex but it’s heavy. That Helios 7 weight is light I kept looking at the Litespeed M in an 8 which only weights like 5.5 ounces every time I went to the fly shop I frequent and when a few lines came in that I ordered I could not resist The M does feel great on this rod and I am very curious how it will fish the size will surely make for fast line pickup and the drag feels good so we shall see the blue in the reel is the exact same as the blue highlights in the rod
  11. Nice
  12. Bigger spool better VR50 STELLA 3000 TO 4000
  13. So added some gear to the list A Litespeed M #8 for my light rods I have heard they make good flats reels