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  1. Mystery solved. I was thinking this was a new type of tip-top guide . Thanks for the input!
  2. Thanks! How long have you owned this rod? The guide does look different from the offering from one of the shops I visited. I am really lost as to why the discrepancy - possibly newer built rod vs an older built rod? Has anyone seen a Fuji top guide that looks like the attached photos below with the “flared” sides?
  3. Anyone own the new TFO Tactical surf rod? I understand the rod is built with Fuji K Alconite guides, but the top guide appear to be different “styling” from different shops so I’m curious on the discrepancy. What does your top guide look like?
  4. I should clarify that I was strictly referring to spinning rods, but you make an excellent point about about the importance with the quantity and placement of guides on a casting rod. A spinning rod of the same length, action and power may have more guides from one manufacturer and less from another, I have always wondered this since I ventured into the saltwater fishing world. There must be some formula to the madness that only the manufacturers know. I find myself subconsciously counting the guides on the rod from the guy next to me when I’m shore fishing - the more guides I see, I’d automatically associate the rod as a premium grade/custom built rod (now I feel like a total weirdo after typing that out).
  5. Is there any correlation between the number of guides on a rod relative to the quality/performance? It seems like more expensive/premium/custom built rods tend to have more guides along the blank or is this pure confirmation bias?
  6. Whoaaaa. By far one of the coolest looking fish. Must have been a hell of a fight.
  7. I ended up applying a few drops of JB Weld ClearWeld onto this part, and so far it seems to have done the job. Anxiously waiting for the upcoming season to truly test it out.
  8. I just got into saltwater fishing last season, so I have been looking for local spots to try out. I’ve fished the canal before, but do people fish off of the two jetties by the beach? What species would one find here? Does tog come up this way?
  9. Glad I’m not the only one having this annoying issue, but surprised to see how widespread it is. I’ve always associated the St Croix brand with quality gear, especially their top of the line surf rod series so this was pretty disappointing. Do you guys think it’s a quality control issue? What type of glue/adhesive are folks using?
  10. Hi folks -- I purchased a 10'6 St Croix Legend Surf this season, and one issue I've been noticing is that the part in red always seems to come loose and slides upward towards the handle during usage. Has anyone else come across this or is this a defect?