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  1. Will be making those edits, thank you
  2. Thank you for the feedback, I will definitely be adding the information to the article.
  3. I maybe will do that, last time I did that people where saying I was spot burning so maybe
  4. thank you, will be making those edits, my goal is to inform everyone when i write
  5. Thank you, will be making those edits
  6. Wow man, thanks a bunch, it’s alright with them, thank you for the feedback I really appreciate it, I will message you the address, will be definitely be adding that to the article
  7. Nothing in particular, just sharing my knowledge
  8. Well the target audience is rhode islanders and how to help them catch stripers in different times of the year. I believed my articles have caught attention of many big companies such as hogy
  9. Hello all, here is the ROUGH DRAFT for my striped bass article, I will be adding to it depending on the suggestions in the comments, and please, do not comment if you are going to say something negative, only comment if you have something positive to say or a suggestion, keep in mind I am only a kid and I do not support the people talking negatively about me in my comments, but anyways, enjoy the article, thank you. Striped bass research.pdf
  10. Thank you, I have learned from my mistakes, I will not mention the places where the fish are
  11. Very appreciated, thank you
  12. BTW I will be editing this article every day and post the recently edited version of the article at the end of every week (Friday, sometimes saturday)
  13. Thanks for the info. Definitely will be making those edits.
  14. Junior heddon spooks work really well, I usually through those on a saltwater baitcaster because you can really twitch it well, I'll sometimes through it on a surf rod or just a regular spinning combo