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  1. Great history, to say the least. We'd love to hear more about it. If you start a thread, please let us know, so that we can follow and comment. Thank you for your service. Fished out front in MoCo over the last week and have been doing well on soft plastic shads, size and weight depending on depth and current. I cannot seem to catch anything on a pencil popper, even on those calm days, when the conditions seem just right for them. Does anyone have any insight on how I might achieve success? Perhaps my profile is too big, as I've been using a 2oz Gibbs?
  2. You can still find a few jars on Ebay, though they'll cost you around $20 a pop.
  3. We had similar experiences. I was out front yesterday from 2-4pm. Four bass from 18" to 24" on a 4" swimmer rigged to a 1/2oz head. Every hit was on or near the lip, where the waves were pounding onto the shore. Good luck out there, gentlemen.
  4. I recently finished Fishing With Bucktails by William "Doc" Muller. He noted that, when first using bucktails, most people get frustrated with them and stick them back into their surf bag after a few casts. His advice is to go out with bucktails only and to fish with them exclusively for a few months. Sooner or later, you will get a feel for them. I'm not a great angler, but I did this and have seen a lot of success. For instance, at dusk yesterday, out front in MOCO, a stiff south wind sent the surf onto the south side of a jetty. The deflection of water from the jetty, coupled with the incoming waves and current, created a strong rip about ten feet off the jetty. It was perfect bucktailing conditions. I threw out a 1.5 ounce white bucktail trailed with a 4" Uncle Josh Pork Rind (you can still find them on Ebay) and within a few casts hooked up onto a keeper size striper. Good luck gentlemen. Some moving water, finally.
  5. Great idea! I watch his videos online and really enjoy them. It would be great to fish with him in person.
  6. Hi everyone, I’m an intermediate fisherman looking to hone my skills in surf and jetty casting. Most of the guides I come across in my research are for fly fishing. Does anyone know of any contacts in the Monmouth County that can take me out front and give me a few lessons. I specifically want to work on my retrieves with buck tails, pencil poppers, little necks, spooks, and minnows. I would appreciate any leads.
  7. MoCo yesterday, out front, from 2-4pm. Lots of new cuts to be found and the water clarity looked promising. I caught two shorts: one on a swim shad, the other on a bucktail. Hope you gentlemen start turning around you luck if you've been dry.
  8. Out front MOCO this evening from 6pm to dusk. Dirty water. One short and one bump on a 1oz jig head trailed with a bass assassin.