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  1. Love this series and once you use it it really shines vs the avid but haven’t held the newer revision. The 7’6” mhf is my main inshore rod. Awesome Fluke/Albie rod than can launch expoxy/soft plastics. Pulled up some good sized stripers as well with no problems. not sure if you are looking for beach or boat but for throwing bigger plugs the 7’11” sounds right
  2. Upmann Mag 54 - underestimated the heat
  3. A non-Cuban Bolívar, I thought you had standards
  4. Papo Bhk54 farm roll
  5. Siglo II? Love the Graham cracker, honey, grass notes from the Siglo line
  6. Damn hot so shorty time PSD6
  7. Looking for a Afterhours Jr. Blip Pencil Popper (canal flat bottom pencil) as I lost my last one due to a bad leader ugh.
  8. Hoyo Epicure de Luxe LCDH
  9. Start keeping any bands that you like as a record and try everything. Once you see a pattern then you can pick up wrappers, blends you like most and start heading there. just like everything taste changes so cigars you didn’t like 3 months ago you might like now.
  10. FG knot and then pre tied leaders with swivels in quick in dark changes. If you are concerned about line twist with say Kastmaster then swivel to split ring on lure and continue on.
  11. M&D have been getting them as of last week
  12. Any interest in a trade? Have a Brand New never spooled Avet SX G2 with Glide Plate and can toss a spool of 50 braid (~300 yds)
  13. @phishallways The Puro de Oro (Gold band) were fantastic and under the radar, even after being discontinued there were still available but that has all dried up. Actually have some kicking around and happy to share
  14. Glad to see a man with fine taste lol. That is just my random Davidoff singles draw once boxes get down they get tossed in there. The Master series are awesome, the Vault stuff has been hit or miss and the Small Batch I was disappointed with. Shoot me a PM of the review if you don’t want to share public as I an as always looking for a honest read/review
  15. You mean these on the left I agree 100% that the white bands are mind blowing