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    Experienced ocean & bay Surfcaster who is here to learn as much as I can about saltwater flyfishing on Long Island.
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  1. Many thanks to @Northfork. I purchased his clamp-on Regal vise. Although not a rotary, it will help me tie flies more easily without the body/battery pack of a hand drill in the way. Thank you again Sir.
  2. No worries. I can not imagine the responsibility you have or how much work it entails. Thank you for cleaning up the thread. Have a good night.
  3. @DaveC here is the deal on page one. We were PMing cellphone numbers to exchange addresses. We are meeting Thursday and I will post which vise I purchased. Thank you Sir. -Danny aka HighCal
  4. I am very local to you and would prefer to look before I buy. I will be home on Sunday. I am currently away for the holiday.
  5. I did not end up buying one, still using my drill. If you have something in mind, I would truly appreciate your consideration. I only said 6/0 because I tie "larger" saltwater flies. I did not want to waste anyone's time posting midge or smaller jaw vises. Thank you.
  6. No worries my friend. Thank you for looking.
  7. Thank you
  8. I did not take it like that at all. It is a great tip. I feel I will benefit in getting an actual vise vs my rigged setup I have now. I'm in no rush and do appreciate everyone's input. Thank you again.
  9. I know it would be a tough find. But I've seen Griffin Spider vises and some "knock off" rotary vises go for ~$50 on here. Wasn't looking for nothing crazy. I only said 6/0 because I am only interested in tying SW flies. I'll keep this open for a little while longer in case anyone finds something collecting dust in their closet. Thank you.
  10. I like how you think my friend. Ingenuity at its best. Just looking for something basic to tie saltwater flies on. Already roughing it with clamps and a drill holding my hooks still.
  11. Looks like an awesome trip. Good fish and good food.
  12. Thank you. Looking now.
  13. Long Island, New York
  14. I just started tying saltwater flies. After seeing how much enjoyment I get out of tying my own flies, I feel it is time to purchase an entry level rotary fly vise. I've been watching the market sites and nothing worth while has popped up in the past month. So I'd like to see what the members have and would be willing to sell within my price range of about ~$50. I'd like the vise to be able to handle up to 6/0 hooks. I posted in the fly forum as well, but incase some of you don't visit there often, I thought posting here would be good as well. Please reply with what you have available and your asking price. Thank you ahead of time.