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  1. Hi all, so I just got back from a trip to the vineyard fishing the derby. I was introduced to chunking and weighed in a blue as a result. I was using a star paraflex that is only rated up to 6oz and need something that can handle more, I couldn’t hold bottom on 2 of 3 nights. My friend was fishing a mojo surf that could handle up to 16oz and a couple of days he upped the weight and was able to hold the bottom. Any advice on what would be a suitable rod? I don’t have deep pockets and have two boys so would really be looking for 3 rods ideally. I’ve been searching Facebook marketplace but haven’t seen anything. I can be patient but any help on what I should be looking for would be appreciated. Pic of the 7.5lb blue I weighed in, lost a bigger one but I had fun.
  2. Thank you
  3. Thank you. I’ve been looking through and yes, definitely a lot of useful information. I was using a pyramid but will look into the storm sinkers too.
  4. Thank you for the heads up, that sputnik might make the task a little easier.
  5. Thanks for the info. I’m not sure I even want to go that heavy but just want sone input or guidance. I’m not sure I’m at the rod making stage yet and financially doesn’t make sense.
  6. Yes, he wasn’t using that but 16oz was what the rod was rated to.
  7. I was using 5oz, off an open beach. I was Fishing off Chappaquiddick and it was really the wind that was an issue. I briefly tried tossing some lures but the wind was the issue there too. On the last day the wind wasn’t bad and I was able to hold the bottom just fine.