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  1. I would try a chiropractor before getting the shot. Had a similar problem with my hip. Two visits to the chiropractor and I hardly feel it anymore.
  2. Hi Dan, I would like to order some of these new bullet heads, all in white please. 3/4oz - 4 1oz - 4 1 1/2oz - 2 2oz - 2 2 1/2oz - 2 3oz - 2 Thank you, Rob
  3. Offer $200 PP shipped to 11747.
  4. Seconds if this falls through.
  5. Alright. Lets do it.
  6. Offer $60 shipped PP for the darter and fatty glider.
  7. Since you guys don't want it, I'll take it.
  8. I’ll PM you.
  9. Ok. That’s fair. Let’s do it.
  10. I know you said were firm on price but since there are no other offers I would like to offer $350 shipped PP to 11747.
  11. Offer $35 PP shipped to 11747.
  12. Still indiscriminately hogging the beach.
  13. Offer $30 PP shipped to 11747.
  14. Ill take 6 & 7.
  15. Good stuff
  16. Taking the family to the big island next week for 10 days. Staying on west coast by Kona. I know they have a great offshore fishery. Has anyone fished from the shore there? Traveling light so wont be able to pack rod/reel. Might pick up a cheap rig and gift it to someone when I leave. Any info/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  17. The more you fish you get a better feel for this and it will happen less. For now though you could ditch the swivel and tie leader to line with a double uni.
  18. I think I may go the guide route. Just makes sense for a couple reasons. Probably a long shot but anybody use Kona Shoreline as a guide service?
  19. That's a good idea. I googled it and came up with one. Kona shoreline. Wouldn't have to transport or buy new rod/reel. And get a little local knowledge at the same time.
  20. On route 110 in Melville there are couple good steakhouses. Blackstone, The Refuge, One10, The Bryant. A little pricey but good. If I had to pick one it would be Blackstone.
  21. That's probably the plan.
  22. Wow that was some wave!