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  1. Have been using lamiglas for 30 years and never broke one, and even if I did and they didn’t honor a warranty I’d still buy another because I love their rods that much
  2. Buy a ODM bag. Love it just as much as my flatlander
  3. I was going to get a dark star but ended up with the 3 tube ODM and couldn’t be happier
  4. You need a stiffer rod IMO. Something you use on a jetty would punch the wind better. I fish a 10L with a foot cut off the butt on the open beach but any sort of wind and surf I step up to the 10M
  5. That rod you have is fine for the bucktail weights you described. The conditions the last few days have been miserable which limits your casting distance. Are you wanting a new rod because people were hooking up all around you and you weren’t getting enough distance? Ratings on rod are usually off anywyas
  6. Anyone have experience with the 3/4-3oz 10’ versus the 10’6”? Aside from the 6” difference how do the rods compare to one another ?
  7. Does the reel seat fit a vs 250? I’ve heard that the van staal reel foot has trouble in the rods reel seat. This was a few years ago when they first came out so not sure if it’s an issue now.
  8. Remember when you could catch quality bass April-December. Now it’s a few weeks in the spring and two weeks in the fall. This fishery sucks
  9. Miserable conditions out front today on eastern ss beach. Borderline unfishable despite clean water
  10. For a fully collapsed fishery that may never recover
  11. I’ve been at this a long time and honestly water temps are relatively the same as they were 20-30 years ago. People claim it’s because the water temp is “higher”. This fishery is the worst managed fishery, it’s pathetic. You can’t catch fish with no fish. I’ll be hanging it up for good very soon. The grind of fishing 4-7 times a week with two hours of sleep before work isn’t worth it anymore for a few schoolies. 90s and early 2000s yes, 2021 NO
  12. You got that right. 2013 was an above average year but id say the last good fishing was 2006. This fishery is effed!!!!!
  13. I don’t fish demo nor do I ever plan to but it’s just as bad in eastern suffolk. And the people with the **** lights.
  14. Marketing
  15. I had em all to myself in for two weeks the end of august. Word got out and haven’t been back since. Since when do we target weakfish with 11’ rods and van staals? Lol it’s comical at thisnpoint