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  1. short ribs. you can still get them sort of cheap (~3.50/lb) at the chinese market but they're twice that at the regular supermarkets
  2. here she is with her castmate from Community, Gillian Jacobs
  3. 2d

    Sitcom Hotties

  4. Alison Brie, Community (yes, I know what a sitcom is)
  5. I thought this was a hunting thread. didn't know I wandered into PG by mistake.
  6. as a proud-ish graduate of the university of california at davis, I want to stop in and point out that the colorado public university system is known as "CU", not "UC": that is all.
  7. isn't hardee's the same thing? The western bacon cheeseburger is awesome.
  8. "real" hawaiian pork doesn't have all that fruity glaze/pineapple sauce stuff. to do it the real way, dig a hole in the ground. to simulate the real stuff you can easily do it in the oven overnight. it's tough to get right in a smoker but you can do it. for the oven, get a couple of pork butts (boneless is fine, bone in is fine). score then rub with salt all over and pour about half a small bottle of liquid smoke on each and rub it in. wrap tightly in foil and throw it in an oven at about 250 for about four hours. turn off the oven then let it rest in there for another five or six hours. shred like pulled pork and serve (or reheat when you're ready to eat). I like to do this at night, starting around 8 pm. then turn the oven off right before bed. by morning when I wake up it's ready. the first couple of pieces go into an omelet for breakfast then the rest gets thrown into the fridge until the next night when I shred it, portion it then freeze it. to serve, you can serve just the pig or do "kalua cabbage". reheat the chilled pork in a pot then throw in chopped cabbage (no extra liquid as the cabbage wilts and gives off a bunch of water). no added seasoning as the pork is already salty. not quite as good as pig from an imu (the hole in the ground), but way easier.
  9. in late with a suggestion: fiigure out where this road-head is going to happen and install a portable speed bump overnight sometime.
  10. in the city, how about Incanto. holy f-n crap good food. I agree with Tammy, though and think a little getaway would be nice. if not eastward, how about north to mendo or somewhere else you can fish? maybe yosemite in the fall after all the tourists leave. you can fish a little ( freshwater fishing for bait sized trout, but fishing nonetheless) and just hang out.
  11. obvious answer is to make sure you always go in the backwoods with a fat out of shape acquaintance who you don't like very much. then go see the kitty.
  12. the halal boys truck in nyc on 56th and 6th is pretty solid. here in the sf bay area there are a bunch of the gourmet food trucks around. i have two favorite dishes off of them. first is a korean truck that serves a cheese burger topped with spicy bbq pork and kim chee. the other serves an argentinian pulled pork sandwich topped with home made potato chips.
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