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  1. Aquarium didn't respond back, but my cousin told me that they are rare even in the southern part of Ireland. We were out on an island up north for our trip, so not in a spot where it would make sense for them to be
  2. My thought process was: if there are people here, they probably know more than me. I'll follow them and be safe Also I just had zero clue what I was doing and wanted to see how more experienced people fished the canal
  3. as promised... my updated and in-depth cape cod fishing report Saturday PM was spent at the canal. No stripers nor bluesfish to be seen at the RR. Bridge. Fished the afternoon and had fun getting some casting practice in. After a bunch of time passed, I got bored of watching schools of peanut bunker (pic related). So I moved over to megansett beach. Changed over from a striper mindset to a scup mindset at megansett. I had some fun catching some tiny dogfish and scup, but the weather was miserable. 25 mph winds and rain soaked me to the bone. My father preferred to watch from the warmth of the car. Sunday morning at 5 we made it over to the canal. Holy smokes was it packed. This was my second time ever at the canal (first time fishing) and it was crazy. In spite of the huge group of fishermen flanking us, we only got tangled once. Besides a few splashes, the fish were no where to be seen. The entire morning was dead at the RR. Bridge, but across the way were numerous blitzes. The only striper to be seen was in the mouth of a seal. Crazy weather, crowds, and lack of fish may have made this a sub-par trip, but I thoroughly enjoyed my time even if I caught nothing. I didn't come away with any fish but I came away with knowledge.
  4. Canal today. Tons of Bait around. Silversides and peanut bunker. Saw some guys pulling in huge tog with crabs at the rr. Bridge. Sucky weather and it was rainy and stripers or blues or scup. Horrible day of fishing beats a good day at school . I'll be at the rr. Bridge tommorow. Fingers crossed luck changes and I can give a better report. Having fun for my second time ever at the canal
  5. wow. looking at the radar on right now. sunday will be crazy with the wind. 25mph.
  6. the journeys that eels go through to spawn gives me a lot of respect. They are born at sea, thousands of miles out. They then have to dodge fish and man to make it to shore. On top of that they travel in rivers (and sometimes over land when it rains) for another thousand miles. They live for years in land only to go back out to sea and spawn and die. Imagine all that to end in a stripers belly
  7. we have sturgeon, which are close enough. You can't target them (rightfully so) but i've seen foul hook sturgeon jump and roll like tarpon.
  8. Jokes aside, in Ireland I caught a triggerfish in a place where they have never been caught. Everyone was super interested and we even emailed the Aquarium in Galway to show them our weird catch. It may be a reality soon that we will have scup in our waters. Keeping on theme with the thread; When I was catching it, there was a woman watching me. First words out of her mouth were "Are you going to eat that?".
  9. 10 more years and we will have scup. Mahi mahi too.
  10. Thank you both. I'll let you know how my Saturday at Newburyport goes.
  11. Thanks!
  12. this may be a stupid question, but are there actually good scup in the canal right now? I was trying to hit the cape for the final time this year and would like to try for them. Obviously I'll be going for stripers but a backup plan would be scup. If I am being a stupid mook don't hold back and let me know. I just wanna catch some scup .
  13. Hows bait looking? I may be heading up saturday. If i can't catch a striper I plan on throwing a sabiki rig around for fun to see what I can catch. Moreover, are the Blues still up there?
  14. Looking forward to the report I will be doing my final cape cod trip of the year this weekend.
  15. Thank you very much, I really am fine with sleeping in my car. I can sleep anywhere as I'm always tired from school and working. Also, I like the adventure and the ruggedness of it. I figure this will be a trial run if things go south and I'm without a home . Just joking but I really am fine with sleeping in a car