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  1. Hey guys, Sorry for asking so many question, but I am rather inexperienced and I know you all have so much more experience then me. My first week on this forum has been nothing but great, so thanks to everyone! Now for the question, How would I rig an eel? Last time I went fishing with my dad we used clams. However, I want to try to fish some eels and lures this Sunday. In terms of lures, @MikeK was wicked nice and gave me a good rundown. I have a spoon, SP Minnow and plug to use, but if anyone has any recommendations let me know! I buy everything from Surfland B&T so maybe that will help. Just please let me know the gear, and the rig I should use for eels, live or dead. As a side note; Does anyone know if it would be easy to make a plug with a pocket knife? when I go camping for boy scouts, I find myself with some hours to spare. Making my own lures would be a fun way to pass time. That's all. Thanks for reading the wall of text. If you couldn't tell, I have been dying to get out on the water. I have been wicked busy all week, and reading this page daily doesn't help the urge to get out there.
  2. These threads aren't good for me. They make me want to just hop in the car and go fish before it's too late.
  3. Thanks for the advice, radio is a good idea. Ill take a peek at the clothes and other gear they bring.
  4. Thanks for the reply and advice, I have considered what you have said and changed my mind. I wouldn't go more than 750 ft offshore. I plan on bringing a pump Ill check the wind, and if its more than 10mph ill skip out. Considering these things, would you think it would be safer?
  5. Wow. Modern day Old man and the Sea.
  6. Hello all, I was wondering how safe it would be to take a freshwater sit-in kayak out into the ocean. I have a kayak that looks like this: I plan on wearing a life jacket, and not going more than half a mile offshore. So, has anyone done something like this? If so any tips? How would I launch, and what should I wear I want to get out onto the ocean and do some jigging for mackerel Alternatively, If I am a fool, please don't hesitate to let me know. I want to be safe, but have no clue how safe or not this is.
  7. I think that's a good deal, I don't know the true price of some of these lures and I don't have a big collection. However, 20 dollars for that quantity of lures seems like a steal to me. At bass pro you could maybe get like 3 decent lures for 20. I'd pay up to 30 for the whole lot honestly
  8. I completely get what you are saying, and I agree with it. I like to tell my friends 'Where there is water, I will fish it'. I also like the take on a boat, I might try and kayak instead. It's my goal to try and jig in the ocean because I really want to catch mackerel. Thanks
  9. I never thought about that, but it makes so much sense. I am going to try this out sometime soon.
  10. For sure, all fish I catch I always release. I know the striper fishery hasn't been doing well (From what I have read) so I try and release ASAP. I'm hoping the numbers get better, but only time will tell.
  11. I'm not the best with jokes, but I do have a funny story; a little while ago I caught a fish right off the beach where my family was staying. It was (unknown to me at the time) a snapper blue. He spit the hook and fell into the rocks, so I went to pick him up. This was a blunder as he bit right on the palm of my hand. I chucked him into the water, and was gifted a nice circular scar as a parting gift.
  12. I don't own a boat, (Its my goal to someday) so I am limited to surfcasting. I went up to Newburyport with my friend and father and had a blast catching them in the surf. I waded up to my chest at times and it payed off. We used clams that we bought from Surfland. I know that it is a common thing to not give away spots, so hopefully these photos aren't too bad. These are probably the biggest fish I've caught, and I hopefully and keep catching bigger ones.