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  1. Supposedly someone was out fishing on Long Sought for Pond in Westford today. Gonna hit it in the AM and report back, but if it's looking sketch I'm going to pass. As much as I want to catch my first fish of 2024, you can't catch em if you're dead.
  2. refresh rate of the electronics and something to due with the camera shutter speed I think. Same reason this helicopter looks like it's hovering
  3. Third day in a row fishing the outgoing at the plum island jetty, no fish. Lots of seals and sturgeon but couldn't see any stripers or bait or birds. The moon was very cool though, very orange and big.
  4. Zero fish. Couldn't see any bait or birds. Lots of weeds so hopefully the shifting wind will clear them out. Lots of sturgeon jumping around the Plum Island jetty
  5. Made it out today to the jetty and was rewarded with a nice bass on the out going
  6. Anybody planning on fishing the flats this weekend? I'm gonna fish sunrise both days on the kayak.
  7. Looking at the weather, I'm gonna catch up on sleep.
  8. Any word on how the river is producing? I've got Monday off of school and was thinking about taking the kayak over to Joppa Flats. If the fishing hasn't been good, I might just try and catch up on sleep.
  9. How did you get into that line of work? Sounds super cool.
  10. Just saw this on Facebook, apparently it was caught off of the vineyard. Never seen anything like it
  11. This one was caught in a lobster pot off of Block Island, might be the same one you're speaking of. With the tarpon caught off the south shore of the cape, Snappers and Mahi in Rhode island, I'm interested to see what the next 10+ years will bring to our waters.
  12. Awesome stuff man. Great pictures. What a stud banded runner.
  13. I wanted to start a thread based around the interesting species we get in our waters this time of year. I always find it interesting what the gulf stream sends our way (Tarpon etc.). I figure if anyone catches any cool fish that aren't usually present in the waters of MA, they could post them here. I'll go first with my banded rudderfish from a few days back. I looked over in the RI thread and someone had caught some mahi-mahi, super cool stuff.
  14. forgot to post my report from yesterday, lack of sleep got to me. Here it is, copied from another forum: Buzzards Bay fishing report: Launched from Old Silver beach around 7am. It was a little foggy, but the water was glass. Right off the bat was some Albie action. Lot of small wolfpacks of Albies on the surface of the water, no clue what bait they were on. Anytime an Albie breached the water a boat would fly on over, couldn’t compete in my kayak. I gave it a college try but couldn’t hook up with any Albies, they were gone as fast as they came. Scup action was great as always, drifting some squid on the bottom to kill the time between feeds. Throughout the morning up until about 11:00am small groups of Albies would burst something on the surface, then disappear without a trace. I got bored of catching scup and dogfish, so I began to head in. The closer I got to the tidal river at the beach, the stranger things got. First a bunch of bait that I couldn’t identify boiled on the water. A few minutes later something large blew up right behind me, couldn’t turn in time to see it. The strangest thing happened as I was trolling on the way in. I caught a banded rudderfish, a species I’ve never seen in the waters around here. Overall, this was probably my favorite trip I’ve gone on this year. Tons of action, variety, and great weather. No big bluefish or stripers as I hoped, but i’ve got plans to nail one during the fall run. Lots of life out there so get out there if possible, albies are totally around. thanks for reading.
  15. gonna hit buzzards bay tomorrow morning, as there's no chance i'm getting out next weekend. I'll post a report when I get back. pic below is the windy.com forecast for next sunday. If the crappy weather keeps up on weekends this could be my last trip as I'm getting busy with school
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