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  1. Hello hope everyone is well. I know that most of you will think well just go and get out there and find out. My situation with being a newbie who used to love fishing as a kid and is dying to get back into it, but with a restaurant and some health issues it has been preventing me from getting out there but I am hoping to go next week if all goes well, anyway can anyone tell me as far as pier fishing in Raritan bay Monmouth county what type of fish can I hope to expect size and type for this time of the year. I am planning on going with three poles one for top one for bottom and one with a spoon lure what do you think. Thanks in advance
  2. Hello hope everyone is well, I know most of you are thinking well just go out there a find out. but between the restaurant and health reasons I can't seem to get out there, I have been dying to go fishing for the last two months and there is always something stopping me. But with a little luck I am hoping for next week. And as a beginner I was wondering what kind of fish, type and size can I hope to get at this time of the year off the piers in Monmouth county. I was thinking three poles one for top one for bottom and one with a spoon lure. What do you guys think. Thanks in advance.
  3. Okay so I am new to the area and new to fishing on one of my other posts someone mentioned how wind and tides make the difference between catching anything. Can someone explain what does that exactly mean.
  4. which would you recommend overall for best pier fishing. Keyport Keansburg Port Monmouth Red Bank Laurence harbor Carteret
  5. Hello I am new to the area and was wondering are there any piers you can fish off of in Sandy Hook