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  1. Not sure if some were taken so I'll take whatever was available
  2. I'll take 5, 7, and 8th from the left on the top row as well as 13, 14, 15 3, 4, 5, 6 from the left on the middle row If some of these are gone supp: 1 and 2 from the left on the bottom row
  3. Snagged one trying to get a some bunker
  4. All I see are horseshoe crabs and garbage...
  5. Been hitting a few slots on the south shore this week. Bunker everywhere - bass pounding them this AM but few and far between on lures. Tried throwing everything I had. I'm going to buy a potato gun to shoot a treble hook out to snag a few next time.
  6. Spotty on the boat, nothing from the shore as far as I've seen.
  7. At least you all are seeing signs of life. I haven't seen a fish in 2 weeks.....
  8. Can you confirm weight/length?
  9. I'll take them
  10. Although I understand your point here, I disagree. You don't need to be educated or wealthy to know the difference between right and wrong and people shatter cultural norms all the time. Last summer I saw some guys from out of town using a drone to tow chunks out past the sand bar. I will say, I thought it was pretty genius (in terms of combing the water looking for baitfish & action, not for replacing my 200-yard casts). When I asked them if they had any luck they opened a black plastic garbage bag with 2 obviously short bass. They certainly weren't poor or uneducated with the technology they were using to fish. You can't blame society, education, culture, or anything else on pure stupidity. A barely 2-month-old puppy with no knowledge of the world besides its mother will make sure to piss and **** as far away from its bed as possible because it's natural instinct not to destroy its home. Unless it's a matter of putting food on your table or not, there's no reason to keep illegal fish, and destroying our beaches and ocean should be jail time at this point...
  11. Looking to purchase some beach master plugs, preferably new or gently used. Most interested in metal lips.
  12. Whatever catches
  13. Hit a nice fish 10/15 AM, nothing else for about 3 hours after. large pods of baitfish moving west to east on the ocean. It looked like peanut bunker but I couldn't get a great look. Good luck out there all.
  14. Got out last night, still extremely weedy, with no fish anywhere in sight.
  15. Nice fish!