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  1. I agree. and look ive been guilty of keeping fish before (within the regulation size of course), and ive always rather someone at least eat the fish they catch (no matter the species) rather than just trophy fish the big boys. but this is out of hand with the bass. We need a moratorium! these beautiful fish need years to rebuild themselves and then we can talk about fishing them again. it doesnt help also that the weather year after year continues to get more drastic, which devastates the inshore environments, and the warmer temps (its oct 18th and its the first time it feel below 60 degrees...) drive all these fish out to deeper colder waters. your more likely to find bass in 100+ ft of water than in their typical inshore habitats this time of year. So much needs to be done...
  2. slot limit is bulls**t, literally killing fish during their prime breeding years. makes zero sense. how are these fish suppose to live longer, grow larger etc etc? Ive gut hooked bass on circles too. Ive even heard of and seen people from the beach and heard stories of guys out on boats who are completely ignoring the slot limit too. actually seen guys fill a cooler on schoolies, Immediately reported that ****. the problem too is that people who straight up dont respect this activity/lifestyle, "relax dude theres an entire ocean of fish" is one ive heard alot. absolutely absurd.. just ruining it for everyone every year.
  3. not much of an innovation but im a big fan of barrel swivels for my braid to flouro connection. just makes it easy sometimes when i dont wanna tie FGs in the dark or wind. You guys prefer swivels or tie direct? if direct, knot of choice?
  4. I carry just what is needed and nothing more. Dont overcomplicate it, its too easy to take stuff you think you MIGHT need and before you know it you look like your camping (unless you actually are). I usually have my waders/foul weather gear/or whatever the spot or forecast calls for on when i leave the car. I got two rods, My surf bag, and a light backpack with water and a couple small ziplocks containing extra precut leader and terminal tackle (incase of a breakoff or something). the more you bring the harder it is to keep track. Ive had plenty of times on rocks in night tides where i lose something and didnt even need it. Save yourself the physical trouble, money, and frustration.
  5. There are certain town beaches along the north shore that are not checking parking passes after labor day I believe. So you could get lucky but you gotta find em. like it was mentioned earlier, where you're staying will dictate where you might end up fishing (proximity). South shore has some great back bay fishing before you hit the ocean. But where ever you end up, have fun and good luck
  6. yup, best bang for the buck unless u pay 50$ to get on a party boat with 20 other people and your crew.
  7. Got it, thank you for the help
  8. Keep the handle down so it has less chance of cranking (thus spinning the rotor) during the cast right?
  9. Ya I think that’s what’s happening with me. Without the line on the roller, that thing spins if I Breathe on it. I think it’s moving on my forward cast and grabbing the line. Thanks for the advice I’ll try that
  10. Hey guys, so I bought a Penn spinfisher VI 4500 bailess. This is my first bailess reel so I’m getting used to it but I’ve experienced this issue where every now and then (at least once an outing) where during my cast the line will accidentally snag the roller and snap my line (30lb braid) before the lure/jig even hits the water. I’ve lost a couple of jigs like this already and I’m wondering if it’s a common issue with this model or if perhaps I’m doing something wrong during the cast? Other than that this reel performs beautifully when hooked up. This happen to anyone else before/anyone have any tips to help reduce this occurring again?
  11. I feel your pain, ive been hunting for these little bastards since i heard the first report of them off east end. Shore has been tough recently, they've been favoring deeper water. But keep at it, they'll hopefully move in close enough to snag from the beach eventually. Plenty of bait around
  12. believe me I've been tryn. I had one last weekend from the boat, but cant always get out. just wanted to see if any surf guys have noticed them inshore (just in general not specific locations). I just like hearing other folks stories hitting these little torpedo's
  13. anyone hitting any albies from shore? Ive seen some action out in deeper water but nothing closer in.
  14. North Island Fly. Went out for a half day with Capt. Dave last weekend on an albie hunt. Very knowledgeable, very cool guy. Really willing to put the work in to help you get on some nice fish! def recommend.
  15. I agree, I similarly have a "rat race" job in the city so finding the times and even locations (long island beach access has diminished severely) to fish is hard as hell sometimes. Now coming off surgeries and just wanting to get out there, i wasnt prepared for the amount of folks i see on the beach. And not even just other fishermen (which is fine because were all there for the same reason), but I've found young kids, families, etc just setting up shop in areas that used to be "hidden gems" as far as fishing spots. Im glad the pandemic made people appreciate nature more but we gotta ease the beach access restrictions around here (LI) so that fishermen and what not have some space to sling some lines. Its gettin cramped