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  1. Thanks a lot Jim!
  2. Trying to track down a 2 piece Penn Squadron III (SQDINIII815S702), but it looks like it's been discontinued. Any insight on where I might be able to find one hiding somewhere? I love my 1-piece model, but would love to get my hands on the two piece to make transport/storage a bit easier. Thanks
  3. Thank you everyone for your helpful replies. My wife let me use her Facebook account to access Marketplace and I was able to find something that I think will fit my needs. I ended up spending more than I initially wanted, but I now own a rotomolded SOT with an aluminum seat. The young man who sold it to me was quite the southern gentleman, provided a pfd, paddle and rod/reel at a great price. It's fifty pounds but I am able to get it on the car without issues, getting it onto my second story deck isn't convenient since I have to walk through the apartment. I think all I need at this point is a UV cover, foam blocks, and a locking system. Our (locking) utility closet is on the deck, and the ceiling is tall enough to store the kayak upright, but I am wondering if the emissions from our water heater will degrade the polyethelene body of the kayak. I have never stored a kayak upright before, so I will have to take a look at that. Anyone have any insight on either scenario?
  4. Wasn't sure if the middle road models had a special hull design, or if they all rip. I know some have a dual inflation system, but as far as I could see online it looks like std material all around.
  5. Hey thanks a ton Jeff. I should have mentioned, my wife and I had a 12' tandem when we lived on a lake. It was a pita to transport alone, so it only saw the back bay a handful of times. It was useful for getting to spots, but I fished from it very little. I guess I'm just curious to hear other angler's situations, but I'm sure a lot of it is preference.
  6. Understood, I guess I should update the original post!
  7. Thanks for your input, I had actually bought the $20 fitec, and so far it works well for me. I am having a hard time drying it out since I've been trying not to keep it in the sun at all. I guess I'll stick with it until it dies on me.
  8. Thanks a ton, locking now.
  9. I'm not far from the Charleston area, and I'm looking into buying a kayak to broaden my access along the salt marshes. My second floor apartment has no option for trailer parking, or a garage, so storage will be relegated to the balcony, and transport via roof. Hoping a few locals could share some insight since I'm looking to save on weight, space, and keep the cost modest. -Is an inflatable vessel a viable option with all of the oyster beds? -What is the shortest practical length if I'm not using it out front? My preference is 10' maximum, SOT, paddle driven. Have seen a few like this on auction sites in the $100-150 range, basically anything pelican makes. I know that's inexpensive for what most SOL members utilize, but anything would be better than being stuck on the few banks and docks down here. Thanks
  10. Thanks a lot for the response, I'll head over to the kayak forum.
  11. Aside from double knotting and glued joints, what's the difference between Bett's and Fitec? Is it actually that much better?
  12. Thanks for the input!
  13. I'm thinking about getting a kayak to fish my local salt marshes, so I have a few random questions. -Debating SOT vs Sit-In, can anyone shed light on the lower end SOTs? -Have you capsized and was it an issue with your unsealed reel? -Apartment dwellers, what is your process for transporting, cleaning, stowing? -For those of you near SC, do you use a dry suit in the winter?
  14. No longer looking for reels at the moment. Going to reconfigure my setup, just need to lock this thread.
  15. Sorry for delayed response, going to pass. Thanks for posting.