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  1. Thanks a lot for the input. I’ve been doing the local library thing for a while now, I think it’s time to look for a book that dedicates a section to line. Thinking back to a conversation I had with a woman I bought bucktails from, she mentioned a fishing buddy who was an engineer. She said at one point they were buying several lines and splicing/fusing pieces together to create their own. Just out of curiosity, anyone ever tried this??
  2. I did, just thought someone may have had a good article or split web site. The search continues, thanks for your input.
  3. Apparently my understanding of shooting head was incorrect, I thought it was a different style line, not an add on. Looks like I should be doing some research on line types as well, anyone have suggestions on where to read up?
  4. Even with the stripping basket my cast could be better. Not trying to create a crutch for myself, but would a shooting head make any difference?
  5. Orvis Hydros Coldwater Intermediate WF9, 40' Head, 1.5"/sec I'm convinced I need lessons and practice time, but I would at least like to try another line to see if I feel a difference.
  6. After four years casting a 4 wt with no issue, the more recent addition of a 9 wt takes a lot more effort to suspend, or shoot line with. I’ve thought about lessons, purchasing a different line, and swapping for an 8wt to use it more for largemouth and back bay. I’ll be moving to NC/SC I. The next year, so if it gets used for striper, it won’t be in the surf. I’ve heard of Ian, maybe I’ll try reaching out once I scrounge some cash.
  7. Currently own a 9 wt but thinking about trading for an 8 since I’m not having a great time casting, and I’d also like to use an 8 for bass. Maybe a line change would make more sense? Would I even notice a difference between the two?
  8. Tried some stuff out, SS little neck popper works just fine. Hopefully something 3/4 oz will work just as well. Thanks all
  9. I have thrown the ss popper, and it works, but about 1/2 oz is the sweet spot for my back bay rod. The top knock 5/8 version casts perfectly, but I’d like to have the option of a small popper.
  10. Does anyone make a 1/2 oz popper for back bays? Not looking for a 3/4 oz!
  11. Updating my inlet fishing system, looking to diy and buy a few things. I’ll be on foot so weight and ergonomics are a consideration here. Pliers: Always used generic type from hardware store, never had aluminum type with splint ring tip, would this be a PITA when handling fish? Lanyards: How strong should they be? Saw a set of two at BPS for $4, wondering if I would regret this. Has a lanyard ever posed a safety hazard for you or the fish? Anyone ever diy this? Sheaths: Have made leather sheaths for tools, wondering if kydex type would be better to reduce rusting. Lip Grips: have successfully handled slot fish without them, does it damage the fishes mouth at all? Anyone ever try the Tsunami pair?
  12. Was looking to swap to VMC 7237 but heard Owner would be a better option, can anyone confirm, deny, or provide better option?