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  1. I bought the Triple Threat Carbide soles as well. I didn't Loctite them at first either, but that DEFINITELY was a mistake. You'll want to do that with the BLUE Loctite as they will come lose and you will lose them. I bought the Triple Threat Carbide spike kit online, there's 40 of them in the kit. The funny thing is these spikes dont rust like the ones that came on the extra sole I bought. Anyway, def Triple Threat Carbide
  2. I thought of using rubber bands like that as well, thicker ones, but the hard plastic of the zip tie is what allows it to endure the teething from stripers, which would otherwise tear the rubber band as well.
  3. Home depot only carried the 8 inch ones for me. Maybe just be local to me...but i couldnt find the 4 inch
  4. "Lowe Life" lmao Yeah for me i def noticed a difference on the smaller plastics. I started noticing when i didnt have ones zip tied at night that i was catching fish on them, and not on the others. Waited till morning and noticed a slight zig-zig in the motion when comparing them. Thus the search for a better solution. So now even on the larger plastics this wont be a problem
  5. Eh, not for me. I'd rather it work. To each his own i guess EDIT: Agreed they are expensive tho. Hoping to find another solution but for now
  6. I fixed the pictures above
  7. I found a better solution for rigging my soft plastics. Figured I'd share it here: Using a Zip Tie on your soft plastics will help increase the lifespan of your soft plastics from ripping/tearing/etc when catching fish. Problem: The zip ties is that they would throw off the symmetry of the soft plastic and would effect how the soft plastic moved/swam through the water. Solution: Low profile Zip Ties. For the longest time I couldn't find a 4 inch low profile zip tie. Now its perfectly symmetrical. Cobra® Low Profile Zip Tie Mini - 18lb I'm in no way affiliated with Cobra. I am just posting the link cause 4inch low profile zip ties are not as easy to find.
  8. I recently did a big version upgrade like yourself and went from an iPhone 7 to the iPhone Pro 13. The camera difference is amazing. I mean it'll blow your mind how much better your photos will be and how easy. The biggest reason i wanted it was for the night shots. I'd post images of what i have but it would tottaly blow up my fishing spot. So not gonna spot burn myself lol Definitely get the Pro, well worth it. EDIT: However I'm still trying to figure out if i need to get regular Digital cam for fishing. On cold or long nights wetsuiting the bag i currently use to keep my iphone in and take pictures from within, start top get blurry and/or hard to press the UI buttons through the bag due to wetness of my gloves/bag/etc. Really thats my only negative. I'm thinking about going with a Lifeproof Fre case when they release it shortly for the iPhone 13 Pro. Maybe that will make it work. If it wasnt for that problem with the would be perfect...and I wouldnt think about another cam
  9. Definitely IN !! Thx Great looking hats for your first ones
  10. edit...didnt want to hijack the bad
  11. Still looking used/new...thx
  12. Which cams?
  13. That's great to hear. That's what I'm going to do then. IT was suggested to use a 4/0 on Albie Snax but ill try the 8/0 and see. If that doesnt work I'll probably just run another rod and try to have it CLOSE!!! lol PS: Weird spot for that hook to break too. Good to know tho will keep it in mind on the next big hookup...might need to lighten the drag mid fight Other replies: Thx for the info, good ideas
  14. If so its new, or I've just never noticed. But maybe
  15. Hmm, thats interesting. I'm wearing WORN insulated sock, under my Stormr and Korker socks. (3 pair total). However no insulation outside of the Storm Surf Top I wear for my upper body.