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  1. $45 shipped PayPal? Can pay right away
  2. My offer still stands $45 for the power handle (shipped) if joeuns buys the reel without it
  3. Sounds good, thanks for the response
  4. Hey nice reel, I already have a black 200, if you're interested in selling the power knob I can offer $45 shipped PayPal.
  5. Hey guys, wondering what are your thoughts on the carbon surf series from lamiglas.
  6. Where are you located? Would you be willing to do $460 cash picked up if we're close to each other?
  7. Is it still available?
  8. The spheros is great for the price can't go wrong
  9. Honestly an adjustable flat/incline bench and the Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells (they're adjustable weights go up to 52 pounds) will be good enough to do a huge range of exercises. You can get both pretty cheap on OfferUp app. (Sorry just saw the date this thread was started)
  10. The 10LS will be more than capable for throwing 3oz
  11. Your friend did the right thing, if you can help someone in need that's one of the best feelings. Respect to him
  12. Thanks bud! I think I'm set on getting a pair everyone seems pretty happy with them
  13. Thanks! Yeah might get a pair for myself, couldn't find any good reviews on YT!
  14. Been looking at getting a pair of frogg togg hellbender bootfoot waders, anyone have experience with them?
  15. Never held a carbon surf however lamiglas makes great stuff, wouldn't be surprised if the carbon surf is as good as other more expensive rods for less money