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  1. certainly sophisticated phrase from you :-)
  2. absolutely true. some aliens here believe they are experts and can judge about others. let them know tis wisdom: "The tongue of idle persons is never idle".
  3. with these teeth it is impossible to cut but holding the prey. bluefish has cutting teeth.
  4. my lighter setup is Okuma Rockaway 9ft MH and Tsunami Saltx 4000. It I my go to combo for the south shore of Long Island. For fishing on jetties and Montauk I use Okuma Cedros 10 ft MH rod and Saltx 6000. I can lift any fish without fear of breaking the rod. Having a powerful rod will save you from unpleasant situation when you have to step on slimy rocks in oder to land a fish.
  5. I get them from time to time from the shore in Long Island. I used shiny metal lures of 2 oz weight (deadly dick, or spoons). All the times it came unexpectedly during a sunny day in superclear water. Until I landed it, I thought I bought a bluefish. I attached photos of my recent catch and the lure I used. it is very affordable lure and available on amazon. I use 10 ft Okuma Cedros rod, tsunami Saltx 4000, 20 LB braided line and 30 lb fluorocarbon leader (less than 1.5 - 2 feet).
  6. My first attempt to go go surf fishing in august was really incredible. Here is it.
  7. this thread is closed
  8. thanks! good luck!
  9. do you consider trades? I could offer you Okuma Cedros CSX 1002MH (plus gear)
  10. Okuma Cedros CSX 1002 spinning rod, 10 ft. It is medium heavy, moderate fast action spinning rod in like new condition (used several times for video production). The tip section was lost and later replaced by Okuma recently within lifetime warranty. 50 / 50 split. weight 11 oz. Line 20-50. Lure - 2-5, fore grip length 7-1/4, rear grip length 19. Ideal for any game fish such as striped bass, bluefish, drum, cobia, snook, tuna etc. I would like to trade for lighter high quality surf rod in 9ft size with 50/50 split. If your trading value is higher, can cover the difference with new tackle/lures/gears. selling for 150 including free shipping. Pick up in nyc. Attached photos picture this great rod. The reel is not for sale but I can consider trading it as a combo for another lighter surf fishing combo (9ft length, 50/50 split etc.). below description from one of the tackle shops. Durable quality made rods by Okuma. The Cedros Surf CSX Rods are made from 30-ton carbon, ultra sensistive and responsive blank construction. With this construction these rods are fierce when it comes to surf fishing. These rods provide unobstructed fishing with the low profile butt cap deesign. Perfect saltwater fishing rods. Features ALPS Stainless steel double footed guide frames for increased distance ALPS blazing Zirconium guide inserts Pac Bay reel seats with blue anodized hoods and rings Non slip rubber shrink tube handle with tapered rear grip 2 pieces blank construction Limited lifetime warranty The Cedros Surf CSX Rods by Okuma are durable with 30-ton carbon and responsive blank construction. These rods are perfect for saltwater surf fishing. Fish unobstructed with these rods with their low profile butt cap design. These 2 piece rods are designed with Pac Bay reel seats as well and ALPS stainless steel double footed guide frames for increased distance. The perfect surf fishing rods by Okuma.
  11. hi, if it is available, do you consider trades?
  12. this thread is closed
  13. so, you did not like it?
  14. there is an affordable bag on the market with 10 square compartments, that could solve your issue.
  15. Can offer you a combo