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  1. The rod is very sensitive. It is more moderate than fast & stiff. I tried to throw plugs (tins from 0,5 to 3 oz and topwaters) and it worked perfectly like a slingshot.
  2. iPhone makes good photos indeed
  3. I never shipped before but have no issues with that. If buyer paid for the tube and label, I will ship.
  4. Tsunami TSSTXSS1002M SaltX Surf Spinning Rod is available. Fished couple of times. Excellent condition. · 100% D16 Nanotech, IM7 carbon fiber construction · Eight axis blank construction for greatest hoop strength · Genuine Fuji silicon carbide braid proof, K-frame guides · Genuine Fuji graphite and stainless steel reel seats with Back Stop Lock Rings · 70 / 30 split ferrule for smooth, one piece action · Durable, light weight shrink vinyl grips with scale textured stops · Tough, high gloss epoxy wrap finish Line rating: braid 20-40lb/ mono 15-20lb. Lure rating: 3/4-3 3/4oz asking 260 USD. Local pick up in Queens (NYC).
  5. Tsunami TSSTXSS1002M SaltX Surf Spinning Rod is available. Lure rating: 3/4-3 3/4oz. Used 2 times. local pick up in Queens (NYC). asking 260.
  6. I did not have to use warranty as I returned both rods to the retailer
  7. Following some advises I purchased two Lamiglas Insane spinning rods this season. Unfortunately I snapped 10ft M rod while casting 2 oz lure on the beach, the other one 10ft MH had a defective reel seat that was was not stable and the reel could suddenly turn left or right around the pole during fishing. It happened when I hooked a big bluefish and made me very sad. Returned both of them within the return window. I understand that Insane is an entry level product but based on my experience I will never buy another lamiglas product.
  8. I had two Okuma Cedros CSX MH 9ft and 11ft. Both are great rods especially for large pieces on jetty and canal (very robust and never breaks) but the biggest advantage to me was 50/50 split. I got bored and sold them both which was a mistake. I believed that 30/70 split will cast better and give better feeling. Now I got St. Croix Mojo M 10ft and Tsunami Saltx 10ft M. Both are very good rods a little better for beach fishing (plugs and spoons) due to more flexible tip but transportation is less convenient. Both are much more expensive. Earlier I used two rubber stripes to put both parts of the CSX together and the whole setup could fit into my trunk. The line could stay on the rod. Whenever I went fishing, I could assemble my set-up literally in a minute. Now I transport each part separately, the short butt goes into trunk and the other part goes inside the car which makes ride for passengers less comfy. As a consequence I always reel-in the whole line which again takes more time when I assemble it. Now I placed the order with one of the tackle shops for CSX and they said it is going to be a long lead time. In the meantime I tried Penn Prevail II 10ft MH (snapped), St. Croix Triumph 9ft MH (did not like it), two Lamiglas Insane 10ft M and MH (snapped one and broke reel seat of the other one). None of these will compare to CSX. I also have Okuma Rockaway 9ft and 10ft. Good rods and 9ft I frequently use as my light setup with Penn Slammer 4500 for fluke and blackfish. But these rod are much lighter and will not handle big catch on a jetty or canal.
  9. Thanks everyone for your insights! Will follow your advices
  10. I fish mainly on Long Island (NY) and gonna use fishing jacket during cold spring and fall morning and nights
  11. Hi guys, Could you recommend any jacket for surf fishing based on your experience? I am about to buy stormr but these are really expensive. Are there any affordable substitutes? the jacket should be light, warm, wind and waterproof and possibly breathable. I have neoprene waders but can’t find budget jacket. I mistakenly bought a down jacket for fishing but when landing a fish put my arms into water and sleeves immediately got wet. thanks in advance.
  12. the items are no longer available, thread closed.
  13. I can sell the reel to you for 145.
  14. Super lightest but very strong spinning combo. Penn Conflict II 4000 + Defy 13 (6,7) made of Japanese Toray Graphite. Both new. weight: rod ~ 4 OZ, reel ~ 9.5 OZ. Asking 190 USD for this combo. Reel: Rigid Resin RR30 Techno-balanced rotor CNC Gear Technology HT-100 carbon fiber drag washers Heavy-duty aluminum bail wire Superline spool Line capacity rings reel was bought as a combo brand new without box and attached to the conflict II rod. Rod: DEFBS67M-2 Defy Spinning Rod features evolve engage reel seat that transmits unparalleled communication with the blank. The tangle free guides with zirconia inserts allow this rod to make longer casts with fewer tangles. This rod features a high density Japanese EVA and 2A cork split grip handle that helps reduce weight and allowing for precision balance all day long. Japanese 24 ton HTC 2 blank construction Evolve engage reel seat Stainless steel guides with Zirconia inserts High density Japanese EVA/2A Cork Split grip handle 50/50 split. Fast, M power, line 6-12, lure 3/16-5/8 oz. pick up in Queens, NYC