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  1. I had a good building inspector he suggested and I changed shed to accessory building. I put up a 24x36 post and beam monster with a second floor. I keep a light on a timer, most people think it is a separate house behind mine. Have had to shoe a few salesmen away. Build as big as you can it fills up fast!
  2. Congrats nothing like living the Dream! Nice looking spread!
  3. Hey wait a sec. Hillary LOST! Who is racist? Sorry you libs keep on trying to stick that on Trump but he is far from a racist. Trump was smart and diverse enough to go on the Vote for America. MAGA! So the racist old white person did lose and it was Hillary!
  4. Congress needs a the lamp! Nothing here that most do believe. People in power not doing there jobs. Or the truly guilty of obstruction should be going to jail such as, Obama, Lynch, and a few from the FB I...….Oh do not forget Hillary and some from the DNC>>>>
  5. The problem you have is, did you pay sales tax? You did not register it and pay those registration tax, get were I am going? Go into the DMV and ask a few questions and DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR NAME. He may want to buy a trailer from a guy out of state.
  6. And Now it has been thrown into the drive way then into a van then into some type of evidence room. The handling of his property is killing the value. Sorry the police are being the thugs here, wait until his lawyer shows up, oh that will not be covered in the news...…..
  7. On another note the guy needs to move if it is judged that the ownership of the guns is perfectly LEAGAL!
  8. How many homes are like this in the country? I will wait until the lawyers are through with this mess. Looks like a small collection to me.
  9. No dodge the draft = ran away to Canada, he got a medical deferment. Unwilling to fight for us= yea no free cheese for just you libs, He owns your mind, he is all you can think off. Want a list of congress that has hired help or landscapers???? Please DRAIN THE SWAMP! Build the wall, require ids to vote, that is as Patriot as you can be, but is labeled a racist. Great time for any business man or woman to run for office on the Republican ticket! Oh that's right the economy is way to strong for that. So yea IMO you are wrong in so many ways...….
  10. And Congress!
  11. The most vetted POTUS! Please I have been audited by the IRS three friggen times it is not something you want to go through. If you think that the IRS has not looked at his returns frequently and I am saying more than a dozen or more under how many administrations? I have a bridge for sale! With out breaking the law you should not be able to come up with anyone's tax return unless they released it. Last I looked this is the GOOD OLD USA ! Dear congress please act like you are working for us. Not YOURSELVES!
  12. Have you googled it ? Many different shifter configurations on removing lower unit. Model # and Year??
  13. All grounds go forward and back on wire never through the hull.
  14. NO! Some things are what they are.
  15. I rebuilt a 2005 loadright that needed a torsion axial and some other smaller parts, four years later I regret not spending the money on an aluminum replacement. Oh and after spending over 600 for a replacement torsion axial next one will have springs. FYI you might want to call around and make a trip and tow a new one home, FL comes to mind.