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  1. I would like a tens unit that would follow music, think of the possibilities!
  2. That is a sweet looking set up! Just remember to shut it off, when putting it on the trailer!
  3. Because we believe in the American dream. Not lying cheating 10% for the big guy. Mean tweets, and peace
  4. Talk to a local Florida attorney for an opinion. Why can not FL tell NJ limitations have run out so sorry.
  5. I DON'T WORK FOR YOU! Imagine if Trump had said that to a Union worker!
  6. Think of turn 2 at Daytona and you just blew your engine and it looks like you are standing still as everyone fly's past you. It sucks find an alternate route.
  7. So way to go Clara! Keep fresh fuel in it and it will run foreva!
  8. As long as you have the paper work you can own a cannon, machinegun, etc it just depends on the state for the paperwork, or ability to own.
  9. Not sorry you come after my family by throwing rocks I should be able to SHOOT BACK. Liberals do not understand this simple fact you try to kill me, I should have the ability to DEFEND MY OR ANYONE ELSES FAMILY OR LIFE! This is where the phase came in " I would rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6."
  10. Hell it is a scary time to be a USA citizen at the moment. Who is in charge?
  11. Rocks are deadly we need to ban all rocks!
  12. Well when you have nothing to loose it is a lot easier to burn and loot at will. Own a home, have kids, cars and pay your bills there is a whole lot to loose while being hung up on legal fees. Got nothing the courts will kick you loose, no bail nothing, Joe home owner is gonna get but f@cked.
  13. So what was the reason behind the attack? Religion?
  14. An honest armed man is a militia of one soon to be a mass against the tyrannical government.
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