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  1. Domestic terrorist's! Police should have a spray vehicle that permanently marks the terrorist for later round up and prosecution.
  2. And Obama did what and when ? And most telling, How many people died? So far if you have the flue you died of Covid. Good Luck with your day.
  3. Found a deer tick of course attached, sent it out to UMass for testing of course it came back positive for lyme. Ah the joy of the 10 days of anti biotics............
  4. What is in the water that makes the gym owners step up for their rights? Hell if all the small business owners opened up tomorrow what the hell is the gov going to do? Oh and the ass delivering the warning is NOT WEARING A MASK! So now the gym owner cant get his day in court because the courts are closed so now he get fines????? Fark all of this! WE THE PEOPLE used to mean something now it is can we fund the Illegal's?
  5. He didn't do nuffin! Accept try to get a shotgun from someone that had called the POLICE on him! A pillar of society was lost
  6. I would get a true two stroke. My vote is Echo! Some of the larger Stihl products are valved and require Stihl synthetic oil only. So I normally will not even look at a Stihl product for repair anymore.
  7. Harwich dump someone dropped of about a 26" it still looks like you could pick it up and put in the water and put the mast up! It amazing what some people just throw away!
  8. Heat the bracket the bolt is going through with a propane or map gas torch If that does not work start drilling half way though try a punch in the hole you cant mushroom the bolt.
  9. Find an old Griswald cast iron the best non stick ever made!
  10. So a question, you are jogging down the street after trespassing and you see people with guns do you? 1. Turn around and jog away in a different direction. 2. Run around the truck and attack the guy with the gun and struggle for control of it? 3. Just stop and stand there and wait for the police.
  11. Bob now has to go out and work because Bob likes to have food on the table and a roof over his head! He also may go out and possibly throw a plug or two, maybe even go dig clams. Now tell Bob he is going to jail for not following the Governors stay at home orders. Bob can tell you to go jump in a lake but you will be home under the covers. And the last policeman that Bob talked to it was a very nice conversation but he had to come talk to Bob because Mind Your Own had to call the police on Bob. But you know what Bob is living and when and if Bob gets infected so be it Bob went out and lived! Thank GOD this is the USA and not CUBA.
  12. Is it back to I THINK . That is a problem. Yes people die every day, there is no reason to run around yelling the sky is falling with a 2%- death rate.
  13. So tell me how many died of the flue? A lot of these questions will never see the light of day! I think we need to go back to work and stop throwing money at politicians to pander to their sheeple.
  14. "I Think" well that is just it, is it not? Why are my freedoms being trampled on by the" I Think" of others witch so far has been as accurate as the weather forecaster that is locked in a closet in Maine! Sorry wearing a mask in your own car by yourself is the mindset of how many? So far the number of dead are just not stacking up.... Oh and it is my bet that this is just what it is a pandemic set in motion by who? Think about that who gains by continuing this? Who started it and who supplied the money for what? A lot of those questions will never see the light of day, conspiracist maybe but if it looks like a duck quacks like a duck, it must be a duck! I THINK Covid is here to stay and if your going to die from it you will!