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  1. The Muller report just became fuel for the Trump train and he is smoking out every lying and corrupt politician and fine news agency's. No Collusion and your Delusional.
  2. Just remember who could have redacted any part of the report and chose not to touch it. WHY? Democrats are showing us why! Along with the media that likes to push a story. Vote for intelligence, vote for America. Vote Republican and drain the swamp.
  3. Do not confront pull out that cell phone and video the poachers and vehicle.
  4. To put it simply a gun is a tool like a hammer just why would I like it to be smart? There is no need for it to be so.
  5. I have a 1999 in FL that I am not giving up. Why the years only?? No projects is a pipe dream there is always a reason someone is selling. Buy it on condition not what is wrong with it. Then make it right and run it.
  6. And still no argument on the video with substantive proof of what he laid out is not the truth as he see's it! Lets try this who is funding the caravans and who is supporting them? UN, UNICEF? ok we are with are tax dollars in a wild interdimensional way.
  7. So what do we do with the next caravan that just broke through Mexico's Southern border gates? When do they become enemy invaders and not immigrants? So no info yet on why the original video is not correct or a false narrative with proof why? When the hell did it become ok to install street signs that a AMERICAN can not read? Welcome we live here for a reason leave your way of government behind we already have one.
  8. It is just what the schools are teaching and what they believe in, must look through rose colored glasses.
  9. Regulation booklets and licenses are available at Wally world quick and simple. Was at Sebastion Inlet State Park one night at the fish cleaning station. Was probably 9-30 at night, got the **** scared out of me! F+G officer snuck up right behind me before he announced NICE Fish, mind if I look in your cooler? I was up and up and had every thing I was supposed to have, been asked many a time, Do you Have your licence? Yep want to see it? Nope just as long as you have it, have a nice day. Long and short you may never see one but if you do what side do you want to be on? Non resident saltwater for one year is 47.50$
  10. On a prior launch I watched the boosters land from the parking lot at the boat ramp in Port Canaveral. That was quite the show, hard to believe they can also land them on barges at sea. Big thanks to all corporation's that are making the space race again in the USA.
  11. See here you are showing legal immigration, now what about the illegal caravans? Who is funding them and why did they not stop at the next country?
  12. We do not need a wall, land mines and razor wire will suffice!
  13. What the sheeple do not want to hear. Voter ID, one vote per legal resident. No money for illegals or immigrants! Sorry you were not making it were you were tough you better get up and support those babies your pumping out! That not even going into what they are bringing with them and not being vaccinated. Just wonderful productive people I am sure. Now any one of the libs want to take a stab at anything that is not true in the vid?? Please prove with facts one thing that is not the truth as he puts it??
  14. The problem is you can twist poll and data any way you want to. A gun is a tool it does only what the person holding it want it to do. How many active shooters in Chicago were legal gun owners?