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  1. Why is any interpretation required for any law abiding person have to spend a money to have there right to bear arms? Wait what law that we do not have on the books trying to keep guns out of criminals and crazys can we pass? No another inch, as it sits in MA the laws are overwhelming. Still does not stop and shootings.
  2. There is not much that is going to be motor driven and under 18' long. You may have to up that a bunch, there are a few class A conversions that have been done that may work. Good luck in your search I am looking for a class C 22' + or minus a couple of feet with a rear bed no slide. It looks like I am going to settle for 24' , the smaller stuff people are just not letting go of. FYI a Coachmen 21QB would be the bomb converted to 4WD. Good luck in your search.
  3. Well at LEAST you GOT the 400th post way to go! On another note the original estimate was not made to Pop so how could the judge award what? Your honor I never received and estimate from the defendant! The way the judgment reads it is suspect? What was the judge awarding ????? Onto 500 or more !
  4. Just as the system is now. What would you propose an inked finger?
  5. OH,,,, SHOW ME THE MONEY!!! Five point what BILLION spent on this election?? PLEASE! Just who is the public servant?
  6. And This is why we should have a USA card for every qualified and eligible voter. Put a chip in it and you could vote at any bank with your card and have photo record of it! Hell in MA you do not even get asked for an ID! So nothing to see here move on!
  7. Why file if you do not want the boat?
  8. We got one of the wife this year would have gone with a brand new one. Nope new ones do not come with the tow package installed. The hell with that, plus we bolth liked the older style 2015. boxy! So far I like it, better yet she does! Note it is not a small vehicle. Have not had it on the beach not what we bought it for but it does say 4wd on the back??
  9. NO I would like her to donate the money raised. I could use a few new reels and a camper!
  10. A troll poll LOL! What part of he is YOUR POTUS do you not understand? Let us start their but that would be way to big of a can of worms. Hilary or Trump the masses have spoken. You now have the right to keep on spouting your crap. Better yet why don't you just immigrate to another country if you can find one that will take you. Have a happy sunny day in your own little world.
  11. I agree with Nightfighter .
  12. White man would have been hung!
  13. Take it to the Honda dealer and see if it needs a driveshaft. We are talking foreign here. Certain tires do not like certain cars.... Did you go for the cheep ones? At speed they go oval then who knows what....
  14. Just think if he went to the first date and the other gut did not we would not be still hashing this out and Pops would be looking for his boat.
  15. What you did not buy the stuff you like?