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  1. So a question is New York State going to be on the hook when Trump counter sues? Smoke and Mirrors, someone should shut of the fan. It is going to get messy.
  2. This whole covid did not affect the wife and I at all. Now the post covid apocalypse is going to be, will you survive the recession and the new stock crash? Wait and see how much that was bought in the covid days for recreation , boats, motor homes, vacation homes,etc, are going to be up on the chopping block.. Sorry but it looks like it is going to get worse before it gets better good luck all.
  3. It is LEGIT!
  4. Oh last I heard it was 125 NGuard for 48 people. Ok!
  5. So Nothing New Here!
  6. I will say the fraud is on the FBI and the DOJ for not investigating Hunters laptop, and inferring that it was Russan disinformation. 81 million for a guy that never left his basement, the Biden bump in the count ok, nothing to see here move along.
  7. Ahh. rears at 65+ fronts at 60- I am in a 1977 P20 3/4 ton Step van I am just at max 8,900lbs rating I run 65lbs on all four.
  8. I would like to file a flight plan please, Hold on---------No your flight plan privileges are canceled. Why?-------Sir you would have to ask the FBI on that. ----------
  9. I would go depending on weight 55-60 lbs.
  10. Load range E or 10 plys are a hole lot stiffer tire. I will bet they put in max air pressure and that is way to much. Get a weight of the truck and go from there.
  11. So where is the rest of it or were to see it? Send it to Trumps lawyer's I know the libs here do not believe an ex president should have any thing. You know cause he is orange.
  12. Look at the front of the neck, that chick works out!
  13. Shows how much I know of clothing brands, I always thought of whales and Nantucket.
  14. But a strong president would.