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  1. Had another great trip Friday, 20 some nice kingfish and 2 drum, 41" & 42" fatty.
  2. Why not try the AFW 350lb., 120lb seems small
  3. Sounds like you had a great trip! the cobia bite is hot this year
  4. Let us know how bad the overwash is, tides are a foot higher for the next few days
  5. I seen a few guys pull many reds, black drum, and sheepshead from that spot over the last few weeks!
  6. I have been pretty happy with the S.M.S.L SA300. S.M.S.L has even higher end models depending on what you are looking for
  7. We had a good trip yesterday caught a 48" drum, 2 blacktips 67" & 51" a spinner 65" and about 12 big kingfish.
  8. I had called the ranger station last month and asked about any closures because the twitter page wasn't updated and she said they update on Facebook, as far as I know there is no VA Facebook and they don't use the MD page for updates. Where did you hear about someone stuck on the north end?
  9. 2 weeks ago day high was OK but night high had us pinned against the ropes with 45min left so we scrambled to the parking lot. With the north side I doubt they will do anything since it's not there priority and claim no money in the budget
  10. Is the high tide still up to the bird ropes?
  11. 25 under-over, 4 half hitches then rizutto Watch that Troll Master braid, it's waxy as hell and not very good quality. The coating will come off quickly and if I remember it has a chemical smell
  12. I've used 832, spiderwire, powerpro and Diamond braid. Previously used 832 for over 10 years but I have Diamond on all my larger reels now and spiderwire on the smaller ones. 832 is good and lasts for years, no knot slippage, color fades and coating loss causing the line to get limper the more it's used Spiderwire is also good but slippery so test your knot before fishing because you might need to either change the type of knot or add more turns. seems to hold up well year after year Powerpro is a little cheaper, easy to find, good knot strength but some have found the breaking strength varies Diamond braid is also slippery, has the best abrasion resistance and still will look new after a year of fishing Hercules (bought on Amazon) total crap! strong smell and feels like mason line
  13. ZAFisher, I've been following Xander for a while and some others from S.A.. I'm not sure if gticecream is still carrying the Assassin rods now but it would be great if someone was importing the Horizon rods to the USA
  14. I hope that never happens
  15. it doesn't roll at all, the sway bar is aftermarket but not sure what brand. I did the air bags and frame mounts, ProComp springs were a stiffer stack than stock with more leaves and overload. When we dropped the camper in the bed it might have squatted the bed 1" before adding any air to the bags. Mostly it's just me needing to trust it