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  1. Price update $650
  2. Looking to sell my 2013 Shimano Stella 6K high gear. Specifications: High gear 5:7:1 Weight- 15.5 oz 15 ball bearings Line cap - 240 yards of 50lb braid Drag- 29lbs Been fished only 3 times( caught 1 striper on the beach) since I bought it and been tucked in its bag in a display case since then. It’s buttery smooth and can still smell the new factory grease on it( you fishaholics know what I’m talking about). No scratches on it and cleaned after every trip. Only getting rid of it because it’s more of an investment to keep it than sell it at this point( would have to buy another rod to pair with and the wifey would kill me). Comes with Shimano bag, no box. Looking to get $675. Local pick up in RI/ MA preferred. Will ship depending on offer. Thanks for looking guys.
  3. Bills just came up, won’t be able to fall through, maybe in 2 weeks if this is still available. Sorry to blue ball you
  4. Would you do $280 pickup?
  5. Would this be good for chunking? Does it handle top end oz well? Thanks
  6. @NEStripes pics, price, and was it chopped from the top or bottom? Distance from butt to middle of reel seat? Thanks
  7. Looking to buy a century slingshot. Preferably the 10 ft 3-7 oz( SS1208B) or the 10’6. Looking to pay around $300. If you could send some pics and your price, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys
  8. I’ll have to think about it. Have a safe trip! We will catch up then. Thanks bud
  9. What’s the lowest you’re willing to go?
  10. 02919. I was thinking More like $200 shipped.
  11. It’s a no for me then if it’s not shipped. Thanks for taking the time to post pics of it tho. I really appreciate it
  12. @HKJonathan what’s the word on that Sbs blank? Price and pics please
  13. @HKJonathan Actually how much you looking to get for the black hole Sbs? Might just chop down a guide to make it work. Also could you post some pics, appreciate it!
  14. Looking for the specific 2-8oz 9ft. Thanks tho!
  15. Looking to purchase a black hole Sbs 9 ft 2-8oz. Looking to pick up RI/Ma area.