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  1. FG knot for braid to mono/fluorocarbon.
  2. But your experience is that rear singles still cause more damage?
  3. Could you explain this?
  4. That’s a question for anyone. This is the longest thread I’ve ever seen that hasn’t turned into a pissing contest about someone’s momma or Joe Biden. Or Trump. Anyway, seems there’s a collective concern and lots of good ideas.
  5. I don’t give 2 schits what the tackle manufacturers or the boat sellers “want”. In fact, they should be on the side of the fishery. No fish, nothing to sell anyway.
  6. I’d be willing to bet that it’s a handful of folks with self interest, big f’n mouths, and deep pockets pushing the political types into stupid decisions. It always is....
  7. I have zero issue with funding for more officers. Zero. The ones I know are quite underpaid, but it’s offset by being in a nice office (as in outside) And they should. As should poachers and the like. Somewhere, somehow, the value of a fishery has been diminished to the point that’s “it’s just all there for the taking” and “I’m gonna get mine”. We’ve probably got more dog catchers than CEO’s. Is there a SOL lobbyist? I hate think that one day SOL goes back to meaning schit outta luck.
  8. The best solutions are the ones that piss off everyone, the trick is getting there. Jeff270 said it best, put the fish first.
  9. “Would they be? Lots of new hooks and new lures to sell to anglers to get into compliance. “ If they don’t want to get on board, they’ll get beat by the ones that do.
  10. I think it’s been proven with freshwater trout. When I was heavy into fly fishing I never landed a fish, just eased him close and a slight twist with forceps. This would kill the Instagram photo hogs.
  11. I can’t see single barbless hooks NOT helping striped bass. There’s not going to be a single solution to any of it. What have the stakeholders offered as their contribution to the helping the fishery? As a recreational angler, I’d offer this: 1. No live bait. 2. Artificial lures only, single barbless hook. 3. One “keeper” per day in whatever slot size is deemed appropriate by regulatory agency, using real science. Not voodoo. 4. 3 (maybe?) “keepers” per year. 5. Reporting of kept fish, just like hunting. It worked for turkeys and trout. Charters have to give some too: 1. No fish for the captain or mate 2. Same hook requirements 3. No gaff Commercial, obviously drastic reduction in quota. There’s no commercial hunting for deer, why is it ok for fish? Remember buffalo? Ducks?
  12. Lots of moving parts for sure. Any Marylanders chiming in?
  13. Warning: It’ll get your blood pressure up as it shows the ineptitude of the alphabet gang...
  14. I just picked up a Lews Blair Wiggins 7’ MH and really like it. Planning to put the matching inshore custom reel on it. Fished it with an old Shimano with braid and it was slinging the hell out of 3/4 oz spoons.
  15. Tackle, schmackle....Hooded sun shirts for me, hands down. You?
  16. One thing that’s always bothered me is how fish is the only “commercial” food resource that’s essentially for the taking. No crop management, no planting, no raising livestock, no finishing lots, etc. Just take it. Didn’t we go through this generations ago with big game animals and ducks? No commercial wild game? Just a thought.
  17. 140K on a Tacoma is still new!! I don’t get the crying over new vehicles. This “problem” seems just a temporary blip like toilet paper. The LAST vehicle I’d want is one built in 2020, maybe even 2019 for that matter. But yeah, I hear about the chips and parts and what-not. I reckon folks need new vehicles more often then I thought.
  18. Two part question: 1. What region/area of the striped bass fishery is the most over-fished or damaged? 2. Which participant is most responsible for it: commercial, recreation, or for hire? Or both if considered one in the same. I consider for hire the same as commercial because of cash-flow, although others probably disagree.
  19. If fish were as evolved as the tackle business wants us to believe we’d never catch any.
  20. Yeah, but I gotta get my Instagram pics followed by 25 hashtags and be famous.
  21. Looks like Danco Admirals
  22. iPhone generation.
  23. Data is data, analysts are an entirely different thing. Analysis is the easiest thing in the world because the numbers do all the work. The second you impose bias, it all turns to schit....
  24. Anyone try the short ones? Kinda interesting.