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  1. Holds a pretty good stack of 3600’s. I don’t mind waterproof boxes in a waterproof box.
  2. Looks like you can adjust the height and the swing arm looks like a plus. My guess is it might rust out in 20 minutes or so. I do like the tilt feature though. https://www.vikingsl.com/stack-rack-ii/
  3. Anglers ARE a spoecial interest group... Nonetheless, I agree with your sentiment. Good point. I can say I’m not a fan of Trojan horse groups such as “Backcountry Hunters and Anglers” and the “let’s preserve this for ourselves” mentality. Slippery slope indeed.
  4. Boom. There’s my Friday night project....
  5. Good point! In my freshwater pursuits I used to always go big early. If there’s no bite, go slower and smaller. I reckon as I got older I just stayed smaller and slower and let the flat-brims beat the banks like it was an ESPN Bass O Rama
  6. Instagram is the worst thing to ever happen to hunting fishing. I’m single hook on spoons, in-line circle on bigger stuff, barbless everything else. Still working on the Gotchas. Zero qualm with a fish “self releasing” after it’s been close enough to see what it was. Unless of course I wanted it to be my dinner..... If anglers don’t lead the way with conservation, special interest groups and Uncle Sam will.
  7. Yeah, not really going that deep. Just a lame Friday question. “Dinks for the pan or bulls for the wall” kinda thing. Im a trophy doe hunter.....
  8. Heavy riggin or light riggin? It think I’d rather catch 20-3 pounders than 3-20 pounders, given the same time period for both. Obviously not a species specific question, but you get my drift. What say ye?
  9. The trump card has been thrown....
  10. That’s pretty wild. Love that show.
  11. Penn..... Get it all out here man. I’m telling you. Yeah, you’re being somewhat of a prick. It’s cool. You’re not the first or last dude to get the D. At this point you gotta choose who’s gonna win. Put your kids first. Keep your pecker in your pants. Don’t give her the pleasure of pissing you off. She’s your business partner now. Man up. Your kids are suffering. Act so that her friends/family wonder “what the hell is her problem”, not yours. Don’t ruin events for the kids. You don’t get to pick her new bo-bo. Like I said, been down that road. My ex and I are lock-step with our kids. There’s no games. Her husband is a good dude, he told me that his place is to support us both. Adores my kids and they him. Schit man....he replaced my well pump the day before Thanksgiving and said “no charge for family”. We’ve done it so right I should write a friggin book. My only regret is breaking a contract with the big man upstairs. If that’s not your thing, I’m not here to preach. So, if you’re just going through the schit, it gets better but takes time. If you’re really a prick, best wishes...because it’s gonna be all uphill from here.
  12. Cheap fishing reels aren’t the problem here.....
  13. Toyota 4Runner or maybe a Toyota 4Runner, or possibly a Toyota 4Runner.
  14. Dang man, a little gratitude goes a long way.