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  1. Mylar guide wraps on a Fenwick indicate a very early Feralite; mid to late-60s. (Is there another serial number on the rod? should probably have the letter "A", "B" or "C" in the number...) the "FS" in the model number indicates "fly/spin". these are "combo rods" meant for backpacking and setup for double-duty fly OR spin fishing.
  2. just read they called up Greg Allen (OF) for the playoffs roster. Smart move. He was a welcomed surprise back in July when the roster was riddled with injuries. I questioned why he was ever sent back down... Gives them late-inning pinch hit/pinch run versatility that they really have been lacking. GO YANKEES!
  3. thanks for the clarification. I've just invested in some new gear (had been using well-worn stuff from the late-80s/early-90s...) and settled upon the Spinfisher VI's for both price, and durability/maintainability. This is the first I've heard that these reels weren't great for braid. Had heard this about the old Penn Z models.
  4. curious: what makes this reel less well-suited to line with braid?
  5. can anyone remember the last time The Missle made a save appearance, and DIDNT allow a baserunner? I cant. and that makes me uneasy. also, Green did his job last night, looks better now that hes been better rested. But his “gameface” always looks like a deer in headlights to me. lol doesnt instill a lot of confidence. I find myself wincing whenever I see him warming up in the bullpen… Upward and Onward!
  6. I like mono for bait-n-wait...
  7. "surf zone" when I read the title of this topic, I thought it would be a discussion on how to effectively fish the "zone", that lies between the bar and the shore, where the "surf' waves break. Didn't realize that so many here do not fish the beach "out front"? To me, that's what "surf casting" is all about.
  8. disagree. since their first series vs Tampa back in April, the Yanks have won every 3-game series against them since. and if you remember, the BoSox swept the yanks during their first 2021 series. All four of the AL East contenders are streaky and good. Depends upon the day, who wins - as they are ALL very capable. What is good for the Yanks is that their injuries to marquis players are largely behind them, and upcoming games vs AL East opponents will be with a roster/lineup those teams havent really seen all together this year.
  9. with Severino, King, and German back to provide "long relief", this team just got a bit scarier in a 5 or 7 game series. BUT, they still need to secure the WC, AND win that one game. What was the story on Wade's lack of a slide into 2B for his steal attempt in the top of 8th last night? Did he think DJ's count was 3-2 on the pitch? That was really weird, but fitting for such a sloppy game.
  10. my issue is, he tends to make inciteful comments over plays or players that are very inconsequential - just to try and stir the pot. It's like he feels that just making conversation about baseball isn't interesting enough.
  11. if it's a travel criteria, primarily, why not an ODM Genesis? or Lamiglas GSB? 2pc. with a 50/50/split, vs the 70/30 splits of the rods you are considering?
  12. Hello. Anyone have a spare #10 Fuji BKWAG guide that they can sell me? (not the newer BCKWAG) I just don't want to pay $8-$9 for shipping for a single guide from the normal rodbuilding supply vendors... (I don't really have wont for additional items to build-up an order to qualify for free shipping) Thinking it could simply be placed in a padded envelope, and sent first class. Not too worried about a guide this small getting damaged in transit. Thanks!
  13. Chapman is a big game pitcher, and isn't afraid to close-out games. If he can eliminate BB's and WP's, he is pretty reliable. Britton, on the other hand... glad he isn't an option anymore, honestly...
  14. King and Severino are welcomed shots to the bullpen. Gallo *finally* getting hot. Certainly a “boon” heading down the stretch with crutial end-of-season series vs Sox, Jays, and Rays coming up. Cant give up on this team yet!