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  1. Guess the pump and dump scheme failed or all bidders miraculously disappeared. Same listing as yesterdays now looks like this. Buyer beware and don't believe everything you see on the internet !!
  2. "Boy. That escalated quickly"! Personally I'm thankful for craftsmen like Mike - long may he continue. His plugs are awesome and I use them. While I have never bid for one of his plugs on eBay, I have looked. LouT is spot on - for the most part its always the same few sellers. Yet at these sort of prices . . . . some may be tempted to unload.
  3. $500 . . . . Better be a seriously limited run !
  4. No issues with line lay / wind knots - PP Super Slick V2
  5. Thanks KironaFly - certainly made my dawn yesterday
  6. VR50 + ODM D.N.A : NXD-82 = Fav Back Bay outfit.
  7. Works for me . . . .
  8. Agreed - Totally. Sad days below the Cross of Saint George.
  9. Calling Biden an imbecile . . . . is unfair to imbeciles. Wasn't a fan of the Labour Party or Blair . . . . but Bravo Tony!
  10. DaveT - appreciate the follow it. That's sad news though.
  11. Mike - please note that my uplining ref was made specifically to the RPLX model (a 32 year old model) and not a general blanket comment. I'm in no way suggesting this as a correction for bad or wanting technique but does give the caster options in certain situations.
  12. Thank you Ed Z. Will follow your lead.
  13. Yeah - they're gonna fly out the door!