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  1. Tags don't really make sense for fishing. For big game hunting there are some logistics and guided hunt requirements that make harvesting without anyone knowing about it extremely difficult, for fishing not so much.
  2. Yeah it is a Bermuda chub. The discoloration on the side is just some post mortem stuff. A slippery dick is a wrasse (and a colorful one at that).The wrasse's people are most familiar with in the northeast are the tautog and bergall / cunner.
  3. The thick rays on the face is very distinct. I really don't know what that is, looks like some sort of seabream, grunt, or snapper but I can't find anything that looks exactly like that. Is it possibly just a jumbo pinfish ? I know it doesn't look anything like a normal pinfish but saw this picture of a record one and you can see how dark it is: dieselgrady is correct, should be a Bermuda chub.
  4. If you are just hunting stripped bass that's one thing. But bottom structure in the surf applies to all fish species, they are not randomly hanging out along the beach.
  5. You can't tell a hole or a cut from a single picture. Waves are chaotic. You see that white water off in the distance in some of your photos? If there is a spot where after several sets is not behaving like the area of the water adjacent to it you know there is a discontinuity in whatever is causing the waves to break in the first place (eg. sand bar). Waves are going to break when the water depth beneath them can no longer support them (in the case of an open beach). Bigger waves will break in deeper water, tiny waves will break in extremely shallow water.
  6. I don't know about the salinity levels but the river still has full tide swings at landing lane bridge, I think by 287 its non-tidal. The boat ramp at donaldson is usually as far up river as people run boats. There is very limited bank access and plenty of stuff to break a prop on.
  7. I wonder if they are safe in ABS containers ? Don't feel like sacrificing a box to find out.
  8. This is a not a thing right ? I am not aware of any type of bait fish being vulnerable to over predation as they are naturally adapted as a species to being prey. From my understanding the only real threats to forage fish populations are ecological factors and their own food sources, not too many predators.
  9. Thanks for the info, in that case it is just the boring answer of one too many mussels.
  10. My only other thought is maybe they are the only creature that digests enough of the mussel shells itself? The researchers also didn't actually figure out what the exact pigment is, they are just speculating that its probably from the mussels. The tog's that have it otherwise seem healthy so I don't think its a disease or defect but I think there is a more interesting explanation than just, they ate a lot of mussels. I haven't heard anyone report black in the fillets of a cunner/bergal which is extremely similar to the tog.
  11. I don't think there is much of cross state market for used heavers, you would have to find someone locally.
  12. There is free web calculators that can do it if you have enough information about your camera but its not going to be accurate for your photo because the object is not in perfect horizontal or vertical plane relative to the camera. (if you remember foreshortening from art class, if you are trying to measure a foreshortened line based on an angle it completely complicates the math). If you want to measure a perfectly horizontal or vertical line that's dead on from your camera it will be like 99% accurate.
  13. Not to derail from the app suggestions but can't you just measure the length of the fixed portion of the bumper board and then add what looks to be about 6 inches ? (looks like 23-29 on the end). If you need to verify for a bet just take another picture with the bumper board and a tape measure.
  14. In the 70's and 80's when they stocked the Hudson river with Stripers there was a lot of talk about how they were going to research the differences in the hatchery born fish vs completely wild fish but I never found any findings from long term studies.
  15. I know the parent company is Bimini Bay Outfitters (they also sell tackle under the name Buccaneer Tackle) but it is very weird (to me) that they don't: 1. Have a publicly available website displaying their wares and/or promoting their brand. 2. Have a publicly available catalog showing what they actually have for sale. 3. For brands that don't do 1 or 2 themselves will at least hand off for a main distributor to take care of but that isn't the case either. It makes me wonder why they even bother having a brand? If you are going to exclusively sell and advertise via retailers why not just slap a sticker with the shops name on it? I am not hating on them, it's just really weird that I will be going through the clearance rack at Dick's or something and find a piece of tackle by them I didn't even know they made. Also when I am shopping for a rod I like to see all the variations in lure weight, length, etc just makes it inconvenient relying on whatever the shop currently has in stock.
  16. I am pretty sure most of their stuff (at least for basic tackle) is just run of the mill alibaba / aliexpress tier manufactured product (which is fine by me, saves me the trouble of endlessly scrolling amazon or ebay just to end up overpaying). But for a company to not care about direct to customer sales at all and just sell to shops is interesting, maybe they don't hold inventory and just direct ship from China/Asia to the tackle shop.
  17. Which ugly stik do you have now ? I just ask because their blanks can vary from a lot to no fiberglass. Conventional advice is keeping ultra lights short but I enjoy fishing a 6&1/2 - 7 ft, no downside in the actual casting and fighting I have seen, can just be awkward walking through the woods sometimes.
  18. Yeah separate gripe but for some companies it's asking too much for them to put: hook size, overall length, and weight.
  19. That's interesting, so I have read that Stripped Bass don't spawn every year but what you are saying that is a given fish has a certain year into their lifecycle where they will have the best spawn and if you miss that year it can't be made up later?
  20. No other cases in other species, which is why I don't think it has anything to do with eating mussels. I think its more likely its actually a rare genetic condition fibromelanosis.
  21. I spent way too much time looking this up and could find: 1) No case of this happening in other fish 2) No sources for blue mussels having noteworthy pigment contents 3) Read some papers on the dogwhelk (who feed on barnacles and blue mussels) and it was an old thought that they got their pigment from eating blue mussels but after research this has been disproven.
  22. The more the circle hook is offset the less safety it has, the shank of the hook being in line with the point is what protects the point from stabbing things. Circle hooks with aggressive offsets allow you to hookset by reel pressure instead of using your rod but provide none of the safety of an inline circle hook.
  23. Circle hooks increase the safe hookset time window but cannot guarantee a safe hookset. They also reduce snagging fish from the outside of their body. That's not emotion but physically a result of the hook shape. That being said, a skilled angler with a properly sized J hook doesn't really pose any additional gut hooking risk to the fish, there is always a small risk of something weird happening out of your control that even using a circle hook can't prevent. But you also have to remember that regulations are not for skilled anglers but rather the ignorant masses. There is way more people out there baiting and waiting then actively fishing.
  24. I would concur, stripped bass have been doing their thing longer than man has been putting artificial hard structure out. Putting in man made structure aggregates the fish together in one place but doesn't actually increase the overall population. In contrast restoring oyster reefs and eelgrass and other naturally occurring things will increase biomass as well as provide forms of structure to fish.
  25. NOAA and ASMFC have a reciprocal advisory relationship with each other (and by acts of congress ASMFC has federal power behind it in some cases) but the main voting power for regulations for what goes on within 3 miles lies with the representatives from the states.