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  1. Yes I have caught various fish doing the wide sweeping turnaround and musky figure 8 technique from the surf / from the bank. Normally don't bother but its a situational thing if I am able to sight fish.
  2. Here is a picture of Zeno with one, not much help because he didn't even know what they were called or who sells them, he said just saw them at the shows.
  3. If it will just be used for scouting get him a morakniv scout safety knife, its a small belt knife but its made to be a kid's first knife.
  4. I like all the shops down there but Alltackle will have more conventional surf casting stuff than Atlantic Tackle or Fenwick Tackle.
  5. Gamakatsu is the only one I can think of that is boot foot and fishing specific. More options if the insulated water fowl hunting style is acceptable. edit: no fly zipper though.
  6. All spinning tackle. Various fast action rods in the 6 1/2 to 10 ft ranging in a 1/4 to 1 ounce lures. Rod where I can actually feel and see improvements is a 10ft 1 to 5 ounce fiberglass rod.
  7. I find that I am regressing to a baseball throwing motion because my left hand on the butt section doesn't feel like its doing anything. Do you modify it at all or just focus on loading the rod ?
  8. Sorry if this has already been answered before but I can't easily find it. What is the optimal techniques for distance casting lures on a lighter power rod typically featuring a shorter handle ? I have found good info for casting a full sized surf rod with a nice long handle and butt section for getting lead & bait out there but not sure what is best for other style rods.
  9. Fished a stretch of the RB during the rain storm I hadn't checked in a while. Pretty dead, no migratory bait at all (bunker, silversides, anchovies, etc) no bird activity. Bottom was weeded out doubt it will clear up by end of season. Only action was snappers on striped killies in close.
  10. As far as spinning tackle goes, use braid for literally every single setup you own, freshwater, saltwater, bait, lures, doesn't matter. If you need something that a normal length leader can't help you with, you just run a long top shot of flouro or mono as needed.
  11. Old thread reporting 40 lbs+ performance out of 30 lb braid for the spiderwire stealth. If you didn't already return it, try hitting up Pure Fishing customer service and see what they say, could be bad weave or something.
  12. Report from the last 5 days or so, never made it down to AI, only points North. Surf: The north blow killed the kingfish / spot / croaker / pompano bite and didn't return while I was trying. Only managed a single northern Kingfish for my efforts. Only 2 other fish I saw caught from people soaking were maybe small red drum (only saw at a distance) on those wire mullet rigs with the float and treble on them. Saw a big old blitz from about 400 yards out run directly into the surfline where I was at, not sure on the bait species or the exact hard tail species but had a couple follows up to my rod tip burning in an epoxy. (if I had to guess same fish Wheeler already posted). Was kind of a weird time in the surf because it was a ghost town for soaking small bait and flounder rigs but at the same time there was a ton of a bait swimming right in the trough at the beach lip and also just stuff jumping out of no where far out, but also sometimes right at the beach lip. Did not find any snapper bluefish either. Bay: Similar to August but with (mostly) improvements. The Spot were bigger and the pinfish were bigger. Finally found some white grunts and northern puffer. While they were not trophy fish, got on some very nice shallow water weakfish and flounder. Fought a big cow nose ray on light tackle. Croaker & silver perch missing in action from last trip. Also saw some good sized broom tailed fish hitting bait on top water. (striper, red drum, weakfish ? dunno).
  13. Nothing is stopping you from doing both. Run your main line as braid, then attach leader with a line to line knot and have a snap at the end. Then you have the option of attaching a lure or rig directly to the snap or if you wanted to have something already tied direct on one end and a barrel swivel on the other just attach it to the snap.
  14. Thanks for the information! I read through the local magazine for fishing reports but most of the info is boat fishing so I usually have to guess for surf fishing. I am content just getting on kingfish, spot, and croaker but if I have a chance for something else I will take it. The thing I find weird about Delmarva is I don't read or see much people targeting fluke from the surf as it is quite popular in NJ and I know the inlets and bays around here are productive.
  15. The technical term is ice slurry / slurry ice and it will chill your stuff faster and keep it colder. However, it basically takes this from the long tail of cooling from regular ice so if you just want long lasting cooling you are better just keeping your cubes. The ideal setup would probably be bleed your fish in the slurry and quickly get the temps down and then transfer the gutted or fileted fish into solid ice.