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  1. Clemens restructured as C&G Tackle Outlet and they still sell the orignal Clemens Lathe. Dick French is now the sole owner of the business. You can look them up on the web, and the price of the orignal clemens lathe is much cheeper than the Ranzetti. Dick is also a great guy to do business with. I'm fortunate I live close to his warehouse and can peruse his inventory on a regular basis. What more could a rod builder ask for than to have a warehouse close by. Actually my house is starting to look like a rod warehouse Bruce
  2. Joe, I have the clemens power wraper and its a peach. I got it from C&G Tackle Outlet a little while ago. Keep your eye on ebay this guy puts one up for sale once every couple months. I think the last one sold for about 570.00. This is a super rod lathe, and I'll bet some other guys have good things to say as well. Bruce
  3. Billy, Ken was at the tri state club meeting last night. The guest speaker was a bamboo rod maker form Delaware. I think ken has some bamboo in his very near future. He already has the silk so there is no reason why not. As a matter of fact I see some bamboo in my future too. The guy said he has about 40 culms of usable tonkin and he said we can have it to practice on. It was a great meeting. Silk is great stuff but has a bit of an attitude. Bruce Fisher
  4. Divide and conquer that how they do it...
  5. You can paint them Pencils any color you want as long as they turn white when you get there.
  6. Dave they are both 9ft rods 1 peice, conventional. The 1087 is a rated 1-3 but cast 2oz the best. The 1088 is a 2-5oz rod and 3.25 loades it well. Bruce
  7. Hey Chris Glad to help. The SHX and SHIII are really nice. I heard some of the distance casters are using these blanks. I own an 8 weight SHX, its a nice rod but I am no distance caster. Good Luck and good fishin...
  8. Chris, I think the Versitex that you are talking about is a company that sells finished rods and rod building supplies. The company is located in Sping city Pa and the web site is the name. I think some of there blanks under the versitex name are Pac Bay, All Star and Tallon depending on who there orders are filled by. I have an IM6 10ft 5 weight that has a nice moderate action and its a nice blank. Hope this helps...
  9. Lami c6909 cut from the butt to 8 ft or 8'6". Its one sweet jetty rod that will lift almost any fish. And its a composite blank so braid is no problem.
  10. Man ... just when I was gonna ask about the trigger fish you caught last year. I saw the pic's sharon had, those fish sure look cool. Thanks for all your help over the 2 or 3 years you've been here. Time sure fly's... I have more rods then I should...and a whole lot less money in the bank account...but I found a bunch of new friend at Tri-State. Best Wishes, Bruce Fisher
  11. Hey Terry, You've hit on a subject near and dear to my heart. What has really helped me is (everything Al said Plus) double over wrapping the guide feet, its not much extra thread or epoxy and it really seems to help. Also tapering the the sides of the guide feet and getting what ever tunnel that is left over filled with CP or epoxy. I also make sure my guide feet are cleaned with soap/water/alcohol before any wraping is done. Hope this helps, Bruce
  12. Great Job Alan, that fore grip really looks nice. Soon you'll be spending more time building than fishing. Bruce [This message has been edited by Softhackle (edited 03-25-2003).]
  13. Dtd, I dont know about the Loomis, But I have an xra1204 that is wraped as a spinning rod. It has all single foot guides starting with a ysg30 ysg25 ysg20, lvsg20, lvsg20 and a 20 tip. I use 20lb power pro on a large faced reel. It cast a 2.25 oz pencil popper a mile. For my particular rod 2.25 is the sweet spot. It's light and I can fish it all night long without and problems. I also have a xra1205 setup the same way except I used a 40hh for the stripper and dropped of a lvsg20 on the end. The sweet spot is around 3.5 oz, with 50lb power pro and a big spinning reel. The gibbs (large 3.25oz) pencil popper loads the rod pretty well. I wanted a rod in between these to and today I went out an bought a 1321L and it seems to be a little more stiff than the 1204 and is a foot longer. I would think the sweet spot would be about 2.75 to 3 oz. Now the only decision is conventional or spinning? Hope this helps Bruce
  14. Thanks for the reply.... I've heard only good things about the blanks from a distributor / social friend. He told me "he only has good things to say about the blanks". I'll purchase one and let you all know how I like. Thanks Bruce
  15. Has anyone built on a Shikari blank yet? I am looking at the SHX line of flyrods, 10ft 5 weight. I have been told there are very strait and a good stiffness to weight ratio. With all the new blanks out there I havn't heard much about Shikari. Anyone have any info? Thanks Bruce