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  1. Will the 12’ SME 1-6oz be lighter in weight?
  2. Is Slingshot a better choice than surf machine elite for popping 3-4oz pencil popper? If I only compare Slingshot SS1506 and SME 12.2' or 12', which one can be a better popping rod? Thanks a lot!
  3. Hi, Mike, is Slingshot (for example SS1506) considered as a better popping rod than 12ft+ SMEs?
  4. Boston, MA. Test case will be awesome.
  5. Thanks a lot, folks, for the inputs. I will start to look at 11' to 12' rods.
  6. I am looking for a rod for extreme casting distance while considering the ability to work a pencil popper in CCC. Is century surf machine elite 13 a good choice? Or slingshot 1506?