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  1. Thanks Pops.
  2. I really don’t GAF what Google says about the size of TVs. I care what I consider a big TV. 55” TVs are just not really that big anymore. It’s 2021, dude.
  3. Really? 55” TVs are tucked around the corner in most places. They may be big to some people, but nowadays they’re on the small side of what you would consider a big screen TV. Big screen TVs I would say are 65” and way above that.
  4. fishn’magician is a retread?
  5. There’s passion, and then there’s screaming, whining, bitching and moaning. Guess which one you people excel at.
  6. My wife dragged me out for Black Friday (first time I’ve done this in years), but it’s a far cry from shivering in the dark in NY. Instead it’s T-shirts and shorts down here, sooooo much better. Anyway, one of our purchases was a replacement TV, which died on Wednesday night. It’s not really big screen, only 55” because of the area it has to fit in. We didn’t need to call a bomb control team to load it into the car and it didn’t blow up in our faces when we had the kids set it up at home.
  7. I see COVID and its variants as something we may have to live with. That may mean booster shots every year for the vaccinated. Too many moving pieces to really know how this is all going to shake out.
  8. That’s a debatable one. In many cases after a mastectomy there’s chemo involved and in such cases any reconstruction is delayed until the treatment is over, so there’s a wait anyway. OTOH, a “boob job” made necessary due to a mastectomy is reconstructive surgery and is covered by medical insurance, and if applicable can be done right after the mastectomy. I don’t know if that falls into an “elective” category but it’s most likely allowable since the patient is already under the knife. I’m sure there are other scenarios like this, not rare but infrequent, and they don’t cause New Yorkers to be plunged into the despair of a “non free state.” As codfish always says, “food for thought.” I just read where a college in FL is requiring any student who gets vaccinated to self-quarantine for 30 days. Doesn’t sound very “free” to me, in fact, it’s essentially DISCOURAGING vaccination which is even dumber.
  9. Yeah, a boob job would definitely fall into the non-essential category. Stent? That’s a pretty drastic procedure and not something you would “elect” to have if your doctor already said you need one. A bad hip? Debatable, I’ll give you that one. Depends upon how bad it is.
  10. That sounds like an essential surgery to me.
  11. “The executive order, in effect until at least Jan. 15, allows nonessential procedures to be postponed in hospitals in order to increase hospital capacity.” At this time the NY executive order doesn’t have any direct effects on the general public. I’m not looking for any non-essential surgery, so it would have no effect on me if I was still there. So, still a “free state.”
  12. Hello all, We originally lived in NY and I've surf fished for striped bass up there for about 40 years, but we made the FL move last fall. We live in the Treasure Coast area, about 30mins north of West Palm.I had a bit of a tough start getting acclimated to the fishing down here, but eventually things clicked and over the winter I kept myself busy with lots of "schoolie" (is that even a thing down here LOL?) snook and small sea trout. Landed a 40" snook in June and a 43" mid-July under a bridge, which has been where I've been doing 99% of my fishing. I've caught nearly all of my fish on good old-fashioned "New England Style" bucktails under these bridges at night, but I'm really looking forward to catching something on the sand beaches, and with lures if at all possible (I've never really been much of a bait guy). I hope to be able to contribute as well as learn. I'm particularly interested in learning if there is any way to still use my larger plugs that I dragged with me down here. From what I'm seeing so far I may have to accept a "scaling down", but that's OK. Thanks for listening!
  13. From what I saw elsewhere he’s sort of staying away “in protest” or some schidt like that.
  14. Thanks for the info, it’s much appreciated! I assume the mullet “run” is over at this point? At least in my area (Stuart/Jensen Beach) I haven’t seen any in a while. Time to abandon the ocean beaches and focus on the inside? I had a decent inning recently inside on lime green 5” NLBN on 3/4oz heads. Nothing big but some decent action.
  15. Thanks for the question, it keeps me thinking! Yes, I’ve used all sorts of plastics, Tsunami swim baits, some out of production Vision Sand Eels, Slug-Go’s, DOA Terror-Eyz, NLBN, all under a bridge and even on the open beach. So far the most productive rubber/plastic swimbait has been the DOAs and NLBNs - which also happen to be local lures (go figure!)
  16. Since you haven’t responded I’ll assume this is just another one of those lame “testing” photos of new gas pumps making the rounds.
  17. Do you know how apps work?
  18. Anything on the city name yet?
  19. Sorry, I don’t swing that way. Try GRINDR.
  20. Got a city name?
  21. Where is this?
  22. San Francisco the inner city actually does kinda suck. However, once you get south of Burlingame, the upper and middle Bay Area is pretty filled-out like most cities. The lower Bay Area is nicer. Also, tooling up & down 280 is a hell of a lot more scenic than 101.
  23. Why does there have to BE a line? Maybe there IS no line?
  24. Just another pandemic of the unvaccinated. No worries.
  25. It’s OK, guys. I’m sure there’s a few white supremacists out there that will get another shot at this.