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  1. That setup should serve you well!
  2. I have the 8000 size. It’s a decent backup reel with a nice drag and line capacity. I only paid around 80 bucks for it, but it’s not one of my main reels so didn’t feel like breaking the bank. It should hold up as long as you keep it lubricated and don’t dunk it.
  3. BG is heavy but holds a ton of line. I’m more of a Spinfisher guy though so that would be my pick. 6500 is a good all-around surf reel size for a 10’6.
  4. I would stick with Star for rods, never knew they made reels. Regardless, the 704 is a workhorse and would be my pick.
  5. Medium heavy will do what you want based on the lure ratings. Go lighter with braid if you want to throw down to a 1/8oz, 15lb PowerPro maybe depending on where you go.
  6. I have two spools for my Spinfisher 5500 and use 30 on one, 40 on the other. Gives me more versatility depending on what I want to throw. Spinfisher is a great reel btw, mine has held up like a pro after taking a beating over the years.
  7. 30lb PowePro is what I use on most of my surf setups. 40lb if you are dealing with structure but you will lose some casting distance.
  8. Haven’t used mono in years, braid is the way to go!
  9. Back Bay is a great reel! I have the 4000 size, it’s perfect for light tackle use. Too small for the heavy surf though.
  10. Does your reel have a braid ready spool? If so I would just load the braid on and forget the backing. I like about 300-350 yards of braid.
  11. Airwave Elite 9’6 3/4-3 oz or 10’6 1-3.5oz. I have the 9’6 and it throws all my lighter stuff well (SP minnows, small metals, soft plastics, etc). Don’t be scared of the lure ratings either, these rods still have backbone! I’m really impressed for around $200.
  12. Love the Premier! It’s my go to schoolie/albie rod. One of the best rods around if you don’t want to spend a fortune. Pair with a 3000/4000 reel of your choice and you are good to go.
  13. Penn Spinfisher 6500 or 7500 long cast. That should get you the distance you want and it has a sweet drag. What are you looking to throw for lures?
  14. Bucktails can be deadly effective, but working them properly is best done with trial and error. I like a fast action rod because it is easier to feel the bottom and control the jig. I usually stick to the 2-3 oz size but will step up to 4 or 5 oz in heavier current. They aren’t my go to lure ( I usually prefer a swimming plug or popper) but when the bass are lower in the water column it’s time to jig haha.
  15. ODM Genesis 11 foot 3/4-4 oz. Throws the whole range well and is especially good for plugging.