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  1. BG 3000, SSVI 3500, Stradic 3000. What is your budget? There are so many options for reels.
  2. Spheros 6000 with 20lb PP Super Slick V2 is what I have and love it! Good casting distance, cranking power, solid drag, no wind knots.
  3. If the OP doesn’t want to spend a ton, I’ll recommend a cheaper Shimano or Daiwa even.
  4. x2! The Premier is a nice rod and I’ve used mine a bunch without issue for a number of years.
  5. Yeah, I agree. Definitely keep in mind the coating, I now go without it on my lenses because it’s such a pain to keep it from getting scratched and dirty. I’m referring to the anti-glare coating, it always eventually gets scratched on every pair of glasses I’ve ever had.
  6. Yeah, I like what Tsunami is putting out and haven’t had any problems with their gear. I would like to see a smaller size though, that would make for a sweet/compact albie setup!
  7. I have the SaltX 6000 on my 11 foot ODM Genesis right now and I’m absolutely loving the combo! It’s a versatile reel that will match well with most 10-11 foot rods. 18 oz is not too cumbersome I feel like for a reel.
  8. Gotcha, yeah that makes sense. I killed the gears in my original Battle (crappy pot metal) years ago and haven’t touched one since, but the DX model looks nice and clearly Penn is trying to up their game.
  9. A modern reel will lay line much better, I.e. spools are braid-ready. The 710 is a tough reel though, it can definitely handle abuse in the surf, but it will feel clunky compared to the new reels with fancy technology, such as Ci4 (Shimano) and Zaion (Daiwa).
  10. How did you destroy your Nasci? The Hagane gears are pretty tough, maybe the frame flexing or drag washers are shot.
  11. Crippled Herring in 3-4 oz is all I use sometimes. Hopkins are nice too, I’ve caught plenty of fish on both, especially blues.
  12. Battle 3 with the brass gears is hard to beat. That’s not anything against the BG, it’s got a large cast zinc gear, but I think the Battle 3 is a step above. Also, Penn’s HT-100 drag is very nice in my experience.
  13. I love it. I’ve hooked some big fish in current and no flex, plus nice cranking power. Daiwa definitely has a winner with this reel! I fish Shimano too and Penn but it’s nice to have variety.
  14. It’s a nice reel, it just doesn’t like to get wet, which may or may not be a dealbreaker depending on how you like to fish. I have the 5500 size and I like it because of the casting distance and solid drag, I’ve taken some nice fish on it.
  15. 30lb off the beach and for plugging, 40 or 50 in the canal/jigging setups. 30lb is my favorite though because of the casting distance.