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  1. Thanks man, being a poor college kid I went with the tsunami combo from cabelas. I'll consider these options when I need to buy again.
  2. Seems like Cabela's is selling a Tsunami Shield Inshore Spinning Combo for $130 that might be what I end up getting.
  3. Hey there folks, Thinking about buying my first proper saltwater rod. I will be fishing off a kayak and will be using this rod mostly for throwing plugs for stripers and blues. Might also use it from shore as well. I was thinking about buying the Offshore Angler Salt Striker Spinning Combo, in 7'6" MH. Does anyone have any experience fishing this combo or any other Cabelas brand rods? Is the rod length too much for a kayak? Any other recommendations for a rod and reel combo for around $100?
  4. Didn't even know that, I thought the sound was a lot more sheltered and therefore better for kayaking than the main Atlantic. It seems we have no waves and the beach are all shells. Thanks for the heads up.
  5. Thanks, Im currently adding some upgrades to it (seat, anchor trolley, etc) drilling holes is scary. We have lifejackets, compasses, no pumps, never even heard of backup paddles until today, don't think we need VHF for now because we will max 150 yards from shore.
  6. Hey there folks, I'm new to kayaking in the salt as well as saltwater fishing in general. I made plans with some friends to go kayak fishing out of Waterford CT. Mostly going for porgies maybe some tautog, will be staying within a mile of shore. The question is what resources do you guys use to check conditions? I really don't know much about waves, tides, winds, etc and I'm trying to find some resources that will help with that. Do you guys check for wave height or tides before going out? Is there anything to look out for particularly? How windy is too windy? Do solunar tables actually matter? Not sure if it really helps but two of us are in tamarack angler 100s and one in a sit-inside field and stream fishing kayak. We have all kayaked before but I'm the only one who has been in the ocean and in this area. Any advice helps, just really trying to have some (safe) fun and fill a cooler or two. Thank you all.