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  1. What difference would it make on the rod? The difference with the kayak specials is the butt length I believe. The rod itself is a great rod and great value - regardless if you get the kayak special, regular version or use it from boat, kayak or land.
  2. Does it get better than a Fixter pike? Day or night it don't matter - it pulls the fat girls.
  3. Saltwater Edge. Got myself a bad VSX200 that corroded from the inside. They warrantied it but the parts took too long to arrive from Pure Fishing. They ended up just pulling out the parts they needed from a new reel while the parts taking forever to deliver were stuck in transit. On top of that, all my orders come the day after I buy online.
  4. Destroyed one old danny Dave gave me on bluefish so I busted out the new one.
  5. First plug out of my bag always
  6. ill take the anchor trolley
  7. Thanks for the info. How are you liking your Autopilot compared to the outback? Pros/cons? Obviously anchoring is much simpler - but do you find it slow to move around?
  8. I've been looking at that website extensively. Problem is with the anchor trolley system im looking at (the yakattack HD) - it doesnt have a cleat... I have to figure out a different quick release system. But the dive reel/float will remain the same.
  9. I'm debating putting one on my new Outback as i've read many people discussing the importance of anchoring up for tog. On the flipside - a lot of people warn about the dangers. Is the anchor trolly a game changer / needed for tog from a hobie outback? Does it bring a lot more risk of flipping?
  10. Any idea why the blank I held was rated .5-1.5oz? I'm thinking about getting this blank for the kayak. Use it for everything from fluke, tog, scup, seabass to stripers.
  11. @ksong what is the lure rating on the tai special? I recently held one and the lure rating on the blank said '.5-1.5oz' but everywhere online says '.5-2oz' or '.5-2.1oz' Was there a misprint or did the rating change? Very interested in the rod. Thanks
  12. Sounds good. Silver forester. i'll pm you my number in case
  13. I'm in Sandwich. Plymouth is smack dab in between. 127 Samoset St, Plymouth, MA 02360 <-- stop and shop I'd be interested in checking out the demon but more for selfish purposes, i'm having a 6'6" built by black pelican thats a bit more powerful. I'd only be interested in selling the Weapon I have. Let me know what you think! 3pm would be the best time for me.