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  1. I picked about 1/3 of it off already for hollows but I'm wondering if there is an ideal application for this type of bucktail? 4-4.5" consistent and suuuuper soft - like fur. Lots of underfur.
  2. Im going to let someone else pick these up as I got some of Joe’s stuff.
  3. Love those. I bet you could turn em into surf candies with some epoxy also.
  4. Hollow with some palmered/stripped rhea.
  5. I've never fished one so I couldn't give any real world advice. I saw a picture of one somewhere a while ago and thought it would be a great fluke teaser in the kayak tied on a dropper loop with a 1/2oz bucktail. I'm sure the stripers or albies would love it just like a normal surf candy. By the way, your name came up with I connected w/ Mike Oliver, I'm most likely going to pick up a Mark I after I get my hands on one. You have one, correct?
  6. Peanut rhea squimpish hair streamer
  7. No worries… luckily that fly has a complete step by step by Dave Nelson of squimpish flies right here on this forum… see below.
  8. Sure. I mentioned them out of order though… did you want more info on the darker / grizzly tail fly or the lighter / olive tail fly?
  9. Hollow with super wispy burnt orange ostrich squimpish peacock ctaylor style
  10. Thanks Oakman… your name came up today chatting with Mike Oliver… he mentioned you have a mark i… I’m thinking of one myself.
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