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  1. Looking to pick up a flatlander bag. I’m prob interested in getting a smaller size and bigger so open to all
  2. Do you have pics
  3. Are you still selling the Stella
  4. Is the avid inshore still for sale if so I’ll take it
  5. That’s awesome to see kids that enjoy fishing, my son loves it. It’s hard with kids and electronics now and days..
  6. St croix premier 7’ I think it about $130 though but good rod for the price and if you break it they are good with replacing under warranty.
  7. I have heard many Mixed reviews on the VR 50 but I went out and bought one anyway and I love the reel ,I have caught some nice size fish on it and still works brand new and never had any issues have owned it now for about a year
  8. My go to plug is either green head bunker glider ( slow sink ) I think it’s 5in / or a good old white and red mag darter
  9. Just don’t load those rods up to much. My buddy had one and maxed it out and thing blew up in his had
  10. Have caught plenty of big bass but have never been tuna fishing… I hear they are catching them extremely close now .. might be perfect time to try it out . How far out are they hitting
  11. I have heard nothing but great things about black hole surf rods but have never personally used one
  12. I have the 30 lb boga and I use for everything, and I beat it up and still works like new.. I’ve had all the cheap ones and usually they end up locking up or braking in the first year or two
  13. I have mine vsx 200 paired with 10’ 6” odm frontier x and I love it one of my favorite rods… but also have same on 10’ 6” st croix legend surf and that is for sure my go to
  14. Cheap small rapala scissors always work good and cheap enough to get a few to throw in all your boxes.. I hate buying expensive braid scissors when they usually just rust up and have to get new anyway