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  1. 3 weeks Mike! Did you do the Duvall crawl?
  2. No monster bass but schoolies and slots. Fun as heck. Been 4 years or so since I've seen any fall blitzes so its a great sign for things to come. Kennebeck is packed with fish. We tagged around 75 last Thursday and I am heading up again this week to hopefully tag more.
  3. Have not had an October like this in several years. Catching a lot of bass now. The beaches are empty. Have not seen another fisherman in 4 days. Strange because there are acres of bass busting along the ocean side. Bucktail/sluggo have been working well.
  4. For 2 more weeks Mike! The sharks are gonna miss you AGAIN this year!! Hope all is well. Good tarpon and mahi bite down here
  5. I hate to leave this.....but!!! Any shad reports ??
  6. I hate to leave this.....but!!! Any shad reports ??
  7. macs are everywhere man. what are you using? i have had NO problem filling the well the past 3 days....it's been easy really. that's strange you are not getting them:confused::confused:
  8. you gotta come up man!!!!!!!!!!! the manatee hangs out at the marina......likes to drink the freshwater from the hose
  9. fished over 150 charters this winter.....here are the best pics this is me in my winter office
  10. that is great news!!!!!!!!!!!!!! been hearing the same story north and south of you.
  11. .... TONS OF BAIT. was at Jefferies yest. lots of Cod.....mackerel thick as all from 2 lights to west cod ledge
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