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  1. Ya I'm sure there will be a few, I am already thinking how to build a power wrapper lol. I'm thinking of getting the seconds from mudhole there like $12 each blank and maybe get the big box of eyes, bunch of reel seats and Eva and cork.
  2. Ya that's pretty much what I'll make I have a nice cherry log I think I can make some 3' 1"x4" from.
  3. trying to get some pics up
  4. We normally take thru a different forum and it's been down since last night, plus his dad's on a different island.should be soon tho
  5. I will be going up to my dads for a week or so, since he has a basic woodshop I'd like to make a hand wrapper for wrapping guides. This should save me some money over buying the kit. so anyone know of any good plans to build a hand wrapper, don't know what wood he has there at the moment but I know I've got a cheery log I've been meaning to use. I also have motor I salvaged I will make a rod dryer with.
  6. Like the title says, are there any blanks close. Not real worried about color just the action, cheaper the better otherwise be cheaper to just buy the rod from tsunami. I'm looking at the 7'6" MH spinning.
  7. I've got a old ryobi v-mag 4 from my dad, i used it for years after he used it for many him self. I remember seeing parts somewhere but can't find them now. I need the anti reverse clicker, or at least the copper/brass part that holds around the gear.
  8. We were talking last night and I asked what his dad still goes fishing for, he said he should get some pics of write down what he wants to get rid of. I'm hoping there's some conventional reels, i I'd like something for heavy tog and bsb, even fluke. Would work Rottweiler and blues to. Looks like most of it is surf stuff. Dad still goes "small game" fishing stuff like mempachi, aweoweo....cant remember the english names for them And whipping for Papio (any jack under 10lbs), and other surface predators. The gear hes getting rid of are his heavy whipping rigs, surfcasters, and Ulua poles (jacks over 10lbs)/reals
  9. Ya I agree, he a good entertainer, can't really think of any movie he was bad in. It may have been a bad movie but he did his part well. He even like to fish.
  10. Many of these movie that get a high imdb score and are Absolute garbage. I just watched the Suicide squad, it's like a 8.0 something. I couldn't make it 20 minutes. I would have been made of I pain to see it, I'm not a old guy either(30) but I know a decent movie, I do like them 50s-70s so bad there good syfi movies so I'm probably not t the one to rate a movie. That new Jungle cruise movie was fun.
  11. Every robert de niro movie
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  13. Ya it's amazing how some seemingly normal people can change and get so greedy when someone dies.
  14. I'm sorry that happened to you, unfortunately I know how that is. In this case no one has passed away I'd just like his dad to recoup some money if possible. Maybe he has some gems or everything is junk but I'll be sure to list what he has here because I don't know much.