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  1. Don't think so. Looks like you got away with it
  2. why not? I'm IN
  3. Yea I thought the purpose of a "shock" leader was for throwing especially heavy baits on big rods. Such a setup on a 7ft inshore combo sounds like extra knots, extra line twist, and extra headache to me.
  4. I'm gonna try tonight after work. I'm just getting over the flu and I'm dying to get out there. May just stick to the north shore, I don't know.
  5. Super interesting thanks for sharing. I would give anything to see Newport around the time those bass stands were used. Excited for your book! OP is still here? The thread evolved into something cool, stop trying to claw it back to your level. If I wanted to off myself I'd climb up your ego and jump down to your IQ.
  6. I remember reading that those were old fishing platforms, is that true? Man. Such a different time.
  7. I think this is more in terms of the charter boat industry. Technically not "commercial." The distinction is lost on me.
  8. It's almost like his post was created by a computer program to illicit as many responses as possible. I can't resist. IMO anyone following the regs can do whatever they want. It's their right and this is a shared resource. Angling and especially surfcasting is ripe with snobbery. If you look down on someone for keeping legal fish (especially from a sustainable fishery) I think you're the one who should do some soul searching and ask yourself why you're out there poking holes in fish and fighting them to exhaustion. We've fished for food for thousands of years. "Sport" fishermen are the weird/new ones. I say this as a catch and release angler. It's weird. Am I a hypocrite? Maybe. But my I don't let my own personal preferences about angling norms prejudice my views of others that may have other (legal) beliefs. All that being said, best practices and should always be encouraged, education about environmental stewardship should be commonplace, and a shared, universal respect for the resource should be important to all of us. And before anyone says it, just because I don't judge others for keeping fish within the regs doesn't mean I always agree with the regs (like in the case of stripers). Both can be true.
  9. I had a dude pull his truck in right behind me where I was standing on a rock, high beams blazing, speakers screaming. He leans out the window, and screams "hey! anything biting over here?" I've never come so close to smashing my rod over another human being's head.
  10. put him out of his misery man. In lemon and butter.
  11. I've been getting on daytime slot bass and schoolies in the back bays and inlets, nothing out front yet. Still doesn't feel like fall out there.
  12. When I was in high school I came back to my car a little after sunset at a nearby town beach and found his big white pickup parked behind me. I asked him to let it slide as the sun had just set. He responded sternly: "The sun has SET, it is now DUSK!" Ended up fighting the ticket and won, as he didn't write the time on the ticket and the town law says you have to be out thirty minutes after sunset. The way he said that is burned into my memory lmao.
  13. I've never heard of anyone getting a ticket there. There's usually a kid at the booth in the summer months checking residency. My guess would be that you're fine. Just make sure you're out of there by sunset, the bay constable is usually itching to give ticket for that.
  14. This is the right question. However, this is MD we're talking about. Not a great record of fishery management .
  15. I've seen similar discoloration in many of the tog I've eaten, and I've cut up more than a few. I think it's just their diet like others said. Personally I wouldn't worry about it.