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  1. Last winter in Newport there was a big stink about guys duck hunting in the waters off Sachuest Point. Of course it’s completely legal, and just because something is legal doesn’t mean it’s right. I don’t know anything about shooting ducks but it was an interesting story. People were walking the wildlife refuge trails hearing/seeing shotguns go off just offshore.
  2. JimmyBean


    Those jig heads are legit. Real beefy and strong. The plastics themselves absolutely catch and I have them in my bag. However, they’re super pricey and you’ll be kicking yourself when a bluefish finds it.
  3. My Aunt found this in her garage, belonged to my late Uncle. From what I found it’s some kind of special/limited edition of a Daiwa reel. Love the etching on the spool/handle plus the wooden knob. Pretty cool piece. Anyone have any info of these? Thanks!
  4. The weed is brutal at my usual spots on Aquidneck Island. Pulling up to my spots and finding huge weed mats and big ugly seal heads. Doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.
  5. We’ll see. New slot means nothing to a poacher.
  6. I understand why they need to do it I guess, it just affects a lot ponds/lakes local to me. Can't fish for pickerel/bass/crappie in those waters either before trout season opens rights?
  7. Absolutely loving my tsunami airwave elite “light surf.” 8ft and quality components for a good price. I got this rod as my “albie rod”
  8. Washing after every outing will seriously increase the life expectancy of your boots. I used loctite on my triple threats and they've been good for a year, still in one piece. The dry rot on the back strap is real though. Maybe if you're not using the boots for an extended period of time it may be best to take the soles out. Just a guess.
  9. I've lived in both Rhode Island and Long Island. What you're saying is definitely true. The limiting factor is access. Narragansett bay is loaded with spots where you can park for free and vertically drop a crab for a keeper tog. I'd really like to get Long Island tog dialed in but I don't have the patience. I wouldn't be caught dead at Shinnecock on opening day either.... We have our own strengths. I've found the shore fluking far superior here in NY.
  10. South shore was dead flat this weekend, at least when I was out
  11. I’d want a longer rod with medium power.
  12. Fish blitzing just out of casting range this morning on a south shore beach. Shoulder to shoulder people on the beach trying to reach them. Saw some whales come in 200 yards from shore. Gonna try live eels on the north shore tonight.
  13. Saw the sun today. That’s it that’s the report.
  14. They’re around, but I agree they’re not chased as aggressively. Still a great time with ultra light tackle under dock lights.
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