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  1. Yes. Hmm. Maybe the eyeball makers we buy from have some
  2. Thanks man. Will do. Always looking for new stencil material
  3. Oh I like that. Very froggy
  4. You scoundrel! Lol jk. Idk what you use but the pattern looks very fiberglass like. Frikin sweet color fade on that one by the way
  5. Ahhh. I gotta find me some of that.
  6. Yuup. The ol home depot variety pack son lol
  7. Few Daniels
  8. What kind of ribbon? Always wondered how people got the “pube effect”. …that’s what i call it lol. Here’s a big fish where it looks like he used the same stuff.
  9. Yeah it’s a pretty simple effect. Take the already primed plug and spritz it lightly and evenly from a distance with BIN. The BIN dries so rapidly, it’s partially dry by the time it hits the surface of the plug, making kind of a “powdered” texture. Do it just a couple times for a more subtle texture, or multiple to make it more pronounced. Go over it with a metallic, or pearl base coat with transparent over that and you get that dinosaur skin look. If you go over with matte the texture totally disappears under the epoxy coats.
  10. I 2nd that.
  11. Good ol basic blue danny boy
  12. Goldfish
  13. Now that is a nice paint job. That natural light refraction you see on the backs of fish in underwater footage, you nailed it.
  14. I sent him your eagle poppers twin brother and just asked for a needle as the price lol. He even personalized it. Might need another (or 2.. or 3) now because I have a feeling this one’s going to end up being a keepsake in my collection
  15. Here’s that vid of konsey tryin to hoe them plugs. oh wait, wrong vid. Ehh you get the gist. FullSizeRender.mov
  16. That’s actually just my stove range light … but it is heavily lol. And good luck, because like konse said, he don’t like to part with them.
  17. ***BEHOLD ***
  18. Not yet. Getting that cutter from paul (steel pulse) after thanksgiving. Once I get that and have it fitted, i hope to have her crankin at max capacity.
  19. Beautiful lure. Amazing detail on the gills
  20. Does it have belly holes and swivels, or wire loops as hook hangers? If swivels, it might be that. Sound you describe sounds like a swivel squeezed through a tight or oblong hole. Like the walls of the hole hold the body and outer loop of the swivel secure, and inner loop (in contact with through wire) is just jiggling around free.
  21. Didn’t really have immediate access to any thick aluminum sheet and didn’t want to futz around with ordering any, so just made due with what i had. Kind of a track system thing going on here. Aint winning any beauty contest .. but if it works i’ll be a pig in ****.
  22. I remember listening to the bbc in the middle of the night months ago ( literally days after the regime change). They were saying the death rate in India was at an all time high and a new strain was detected in the UK. They were calling it “delta”. Within days Baker said no more masks and we can start opening restaurants, etc. Said at this point the population is 80% vaccinated and the 20% still unvaccinated weren’t a danger to anyone but themselves (this is back when you only needed 1 shot to be all set mind you). I was like . Worse than ever in India, new super strain in uk…. Yet we’re getting the green light to go back to normal here? Seems the same people who were going bananas about covid before were suddenly more concerned with the optics of getting back to normal….now that they “won”. Fast forward to now. Low and behold we have the delta here.. but still half the people i see out in the world have no mask, other half are wearing them… as necklaces/beard nets. All the same people who were scolding me last year for being skeptical of the effectiveness of these paper masks. Telling me “BELIEVE THE SCIENCE” and saying “I don’t want YOU to kill MY gramma!” sorry for the rant. I guess my point is, in this whole thing, the only consistently has been.. the inconsistency
  23. I just looked it up to refresh my memory. It’s only .4 oz weight difference, which i would guess is only the difference in mass of the spools. Specs say the 6k holds 65y more 30lb braid than the 5k. The 6k doesn’t have line capacity for 20lb posted, but based on the math (and how much 20 I squeeze on mine lol) it’s roughly 275-300 of 2lb. So when it’s all said and done it’s almost 100y plus of 20lb braid for only the sacrifice of +0.4oz. Lol.
  24. Maybe I’ll make you one for Christmas. MAYBE. IF you’re good.