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  1. Holy crap! I butchered that one lol. Yes xylene
  2. Those are sick. Love the pink and pearl. Love the olive to. And the blurple. …I guess I love them all actually haha.
  3. Wish it was like that now. Now a days every fishing (or hunting… or almost anything else) article is like forced online window shopping.
  4. Thanks man, that means a lot. And that would be sick. Would love to see one of them world famous bassmaster needles in action one day… given amateurs like me are invited.
  5. Lol. Was actually experimenting with the airbrush. F’ed it up bad and was like “aww this looks like ****”. Sat there shaking my head looking at it then was like “ wait! I could actually make something of this”. Little eye shadow, bloody snout, presto! Zombie. Haha.
  6. I recall that John skinner vid. Tosses out a doc and starts working it like a pencil popper (which does 0 for a spook). …none the less catches 3 fish in under 3 minutes with it, before even really getting the technique down and getting the spook to actually do what it’s supposed to. Made me kinda think… maybe the fish in his spots are just really really not picky
  7. This is true. It’s kind of like deer hunting. 99.9% of the hunting shows/channels you can watch for “tips n tricks”, techniques, and suggestions for gear “you should buy” etc, take place out in the midwest. The other 0.1% are in Canada or somewhere. I can tell you from experience that almost nothing in those hunting shows is applicable to hunting in new england. What’s true there is erroneous here I guess.
  8. Zombie!
  9. I can definitely attest to the heavy sunglasses. Been some very long very hot ones where I’ve gone to toss my shades on the dash at the end of the day and barely make the shot lol.
  10. I wasn’t actually asking that lol. That’s something i always hear. Like every other day i see someone looking for suggestions on the absolute most angel food cake light reel… but then their “requirements” are something way way overkill for what they’re intending to use it for. Guys want a tuna reel.. that weighs 2oz.. to surf cast for bass.. lol.
  11. “ need suggestions for the absolute most feather light reel. ..Must be 10k size or greater, I’ll be fishing the ccc”
  12. One thing. All spooks are not equal. Some cast like a bullet.. some cast like a flip flop.
  13. Ya it’s like everything else. Some guys swear by yellow, some swear by jet black at night.. but bone/white will do it 99.9% of the time. I don’t think color really matters much, it’s the suspense inducing action that gets em.
  14. Great plug. So simple yet so versatile, and in most cases the slower the retrieve the better. For these reasons (plus the ways in which they’re weighted) I kind of think of the spook as the fat brother to the needlefish. It’s fun to just completely stop mid way through the retrieve. Let it float there dead and count 10 mississippi, and about 7 seconds in something comes up and completely annihilates it.
  15. The big box stores are weird. Some have it, some don’t. Better luck finding it at hardware stores paint department. I just got some from Ace
  16. A lot of guys warm up the wood and apply thinned epoxy inside and out. Best thing to thin most epoxies is xzytline.
  17. Oh I’ll try again. And all is not lost, got a couple sweet key chains out of the deal haha
  18. Welp. I’m sorry to say the little itty bitty’s didn’t do so well. Such a small amount of wood that just the hardware alone weighed them down. As you know, a metal lip/crank bait has to float work at all. Should’ve thought of that . They’re basically just key chains now lol. Might work with more buoyant wood/lighter hardware. Experiment for another day.
  19. If I’m remembering correctly most predatory fish can distinguish blue best, cone photoreceptors and all that sciencey stuff. Hard to argue though with the timeless success of good ol yellow. One thing about yellow though, if you put on a pair of goggles and look at a yellow lure from under water… it actually kind of just looks like a slightly more brilliant bone white. For that reason I think a yellow lure is probably best for delivering a bone white presentation in darker/dirty water conditions.. which probably explains why yellow darters at night is a thing. Idk. If I could only pick one for any and all conditions forever, prob just blue over white. That’s basically what every baitfish looks like.
  20. That was gold. Loosely based on a true story I’m guessing lol
  21. Here’s another one just simple crank bait style. I call this one “the change stealer”. Lol
  22. Yeah i was trying to figure out what to use on the back. Ultimately decided on just a little 1/0 treble. If this thing actually swims like i hope the treble should look just like a little fish tail in motion. This was a little one day boredom project .. but if it produces I’ll def make more.
  23. You fish only wanna go for tiny bait huh? well.. I got sumthin for ya.
  24. I wouldn’t mind that. …I have a hard enough time just getting paid for the work i do now lol.