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  1. I had this vision in my head of a Candy apple plug with bone and gold pin strips…. But then I thought, man that would be insanely tedious….and insanely impractical lol.
  2. Beautiful (plugs and bikes). Yeah I just checked out your channel and saw a lot of older vids of the bikes. Love that candy apple
  3. Wow! That looks frikin sick with the epoxy.
  4. Good luck with the knee. These days they have that procedure so down pat the recovery is pretty quick. I know someone who recently got one done and they were up and about in only 3 days. I was amazed.
  5. Hold up, hold up. I’m gonna need a needle fish, and one of them little white dove bar with no chocolate on it metal lips.
  6. Thanks man. I’m insanely ocd. Lol. I scrap more than I actually finish.
  7. Are you trying to plug whore me? Lol nah jk. Seriously though I’m honored. This is my first one of these, def gonna turn some more when I get the chance. Can send you one if you’d like.
  8. Yeah it’s modeled after a SS little neck popper/ Polaris popper. I really don’t see many options for that style popper commercially, let alone many guys making them. Figured I’d take a crack at it. Just tested it this morning and am very happy with it.
  9. Sometimes when I'm painting I’m trying to replicate a specific bait fish, but most of the time I just start spraying and see where it goes. Let it come together on its own. After it’s done, I hold it up and give the paint scheme a name, just the first thing that comes to mind. Looked at this needle and immediately thought “ACID PARROT”.
  10. Thanks. …my wife thought it was something else. Lol
  11. BSI 30 minute slow cure. It’s a pain to work with but the stuff is bullet proof once fully hardened. Do two layers and you can practically hammer nails with the plug.
  12. They are beautiful. Beauty in simplicity as far as appearance goes I think, which I appreciate. And thanks for sharing specs. I’m always interested to see how others build their metal lips as I definitely don’t have them down to a science yet myself.
  13. How are they weighted?
  14. I was wondering what this reminded me of.. then it hit me. When i was a little kid I’d steal my grammas dove ice cream bars from the freezer, sneak out into the back yard, and eat all the chocolate off. I’d sneak one, then another.. than another and another. Eventually I’d get busted eating like the 10th one, sitting in the grass with a bunch of chocolate-less vanilla ice cream bars scattered in front of me. She’d yell “look at all that wasted ice cream!” Pointing down at the ground and this pic^ is basically what it looked like…. Only ice cream instead of plugs. Good times lol.
  15. Thanks man. That’s a good idea. Oh there’ll be more experimentation with the itty bittys down the road.
  16. Al natural
  17. Don’t forget to clear out any that pools up in belly hole(s) with a q tip or something. Swivel that won’t meet wire in beautiful totally finished plug because of epoxy build up in hole= Suicidal.
  18. That is a nice spook
  19. Yeah I’m opposite. “Organized chaos” i think they call it. I’m never searching for anything until right after i go on a cleaning/organization tear in there. Lol. Also I have the same spinner.. works good for chicken to
  20. The popper? Going to be roughly 2 3/4oz when complete.
  21. Looks like the epoxy itself is the culprit. Could be improper mix. Could also be perhaps epoxy was just old. The shelf life of epoxy and 2 part urethanes is actually pretty short. Epoxy is like 6mo to a year . Some urethane is as little as 4 months.
  22. I thought this was a pic of MY shop for a second.. but then I realized it was too clean.