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  1. Yeah that’s from back when I didn’t even know where to get ss wire. Made due with ss cable from the depot. I remember it was soo much fun trying to thread that through the zig zaggy holes i did free hand with a screw gun. Here’s an old “needle darter” I made the same way. Believe it or not this thing actually swims awesome and somehow casts like a rocket… and it’s just totally unweighted red cedar with like 10 coats of epoxy
  2. First needle i ever made and last needle i made. Gettin betta.
  3. I just got a chance to test them out yesterday. Great bad weather testing. It was raining and windy, and the water at the res was choppy af. Probably going to take them out again this morning to test with a couple of my own. Today there’s no wind at all here and I’m sure the water is calm.. One of the benefits of living in New England.. ya can test in virtually all possible conditions in a time span of 24 hrs lol. Ok, here’s my “review” (for what it’s worth) The Dove bar was cool. I was able to make it to the res without trying to eat it. Paint job: Love the cream gold color. The spots, at first, tbh i was like “oh they’re kinda messy”, then they started to grow on me… then I kinda started to love them. Like abstract art, basically I’m passionate about the spots now lol. In the water: With the profile (fat nose, slimmer tail) and weight it the belly, i was immediately surprised at how well it casted. With a slow retrieve it wabbled on top.. kinda like a weaver but on the surface. Faster retrieve, it would skip as you described and do intermittent little dives, zig zagging erratically then popping back up to the surface. A few times I started ripping it in as soon as it hit the water and was able to keep it about 1’ under. When i did this it would basically have a very intense zig zag, zig zag, corkscrew, zig zag action. All in all a sweet little plug. If I remember correctly you said they were made of ayc? I would be interested to see what happens with one made of a denser wood and/or more weight in the belly to make suspended/sinking versions. The needlefish, she’s a beauty. Curvy… and I like that. Frikin love that purple and how it fades into the black. That’s some fine fine work for a cheap airbrush haha. Casts really really REALLY well. Stayed straight as an arrow it the whipping wind and rain yesterday. I was testing a couple of my own at the same time and yours put mine to shame in the castability department in those conditions lol. Was thinking “does this guy have a background in aircraft engineering or some ****?” In the water: she’s a floater. Honestly, I’m a little partial to sinking needles, but i liked this floater. Had a good angle and a nice gentle wobble on slow retrieve. I noticed that if I gave it a little twitch with my rod tip down I could get it to do a little pop n’ dive. Would actually throw a decent hight, narrow splash upon diving very shallow and popping up. Did that repeatedly and it looked like i was stitching the water with your needle lol. I can’t recall getting any action like that with the few floaters I’ve tried in the past (which to be fair to floating needles, isn’t many). In a nutshell an awesome needle and I’ve already decided I’m trying it on a fish first day i can get back out there. thanks for sending these man. I kept your shipping info because I have a feeling this ain’t the last time we’ll be trading. p.s. HAPPY HALLOWEEN SON
  4. If it’s a dove bar.. can an eagle eat it? Let’s find out. Lol.
  5. Man. If i had that in my shop all my plugs would come out.. COCK eyed
  6. Just got your package Kones. I’m gonna take these to the reservoir tomorrow and pretend I’m at the ocean
  7. I see you have some inspiration there in the background. My guess is it’s gonna be a popper. Lol
  8. Couple classic needles, a scoop head, aaaand something else.
  9. Thank you sir! Use them well, and any constructive criticism regarding anything about them would be greatly appreciated. Always trying to improve. Ps. I’m a cheap airbrush user as well haha.
  10. Funny you say that because I used some color shift paint (or tried to) last night that completely killed my brush. Was right in the middle of a paint job and figured it was just that brush because it’s gone 100 paint jobs w/o a cleaning, and it killed my other brush to. Brought everything to a dead halt and just threw them in water. Did a complete tear down today and they were both caked solid with gunk from nozzle to cup. Figured out the hard way the paint sat a little too long Hey also, you should go grab a paint strainer at the depot. They’re usually right near the spray machines in the paint department. Give that paint a strain and it won’t clog up so often.
  11. That takes skill. And patience. I frikin hate making things on the belt sander lol.
  12. That is a beautiful needle man. Can’t wait. Yeah idk if you guys got the poppers yet, but when you get them you’ll notice they’re more along the lines of 3oz and some change. Original was 2.5 and i felt it needed just a tad more weight up front to really sit how i wanted it to in the water. I’m nick naming these “eagle poppers”. Ya might wonder why.. well funny (and kind of unbelievable) story.. right before I sent them out, i was giving them the final cast/ swim test on the Wachusett reservoir. I’m popping away and notice something above. Look up and my breath was taken away as I noticed it was a big balled eagle. He was circling and looking straight down at the popper. I was like “holy SH*T!” As if just that we’re enough, the eagle looped around and started descending on the poppers position. I was like “no.. can’t be.. he’s not really gonna..”. Eagle swooped down right at the popper, claws out and all. I gave it a yank with all my might and saved it from him. He goes back up and continues circling. I could see he was confused but still fixated on the popper. He circles around and starts coming in from the same direction he did before. I was like “you gotta be kidding me”. He took another dive at it, this time even more committed and determined to get it, claws plunging right into the water. Again, i tear it out of the way just in time. At that point I just started reeling it in like a mad man, thinking not only how bad it would suck to lose that popper I worked so hard on, but also how F’ed I would be if I hooked a frikin balled eagle. Eagle circled confused then flew to a tall pine at the other end of the reservoir. I looked at the popper and was like “yep.. I’m gonna take that as a sign that the weight is good” No ****, true story. Wish someone was there with me to film the whole thing. I did get a vid, but only of the eagle giving up and flying away. IMG_1589.MOV
  13. You just keep that popper away from the seals you plug pimp you.
  14. No prob my man. And just rest up son, no need to force yourself to the lathe… getting better is #1.
  15. All beautiful. You pick Do love that middle needle tho.
  16. Little pikie, little popper, little piggy.
  17. Just a quick dip, now ready for our trip.
  18. Haha awesome. Yeah i was looking at the original pic of them you posted of them and was also calling them “ice cream Kones1” in my head . Also while at the lathe i took the recipe you gave for them and kind of made my own version just messing around (altering a few things about it so it’s not just a total copycat). Took one look at it fresh off the spinner and named it “lil pig” lol. Now I need to make 2 more so i can have 3 lil pigs. ….I have a few screws loose if it isn’t obvious by now lol PS. Don’t forget to send me your shipping to that email I provided so i can get ya the popper
  19. That popper is ready. Send me your shipping info btmaney@hotmail.
  20. Finally got a little dick around time this evening.
  21. You will soon enough.. well soon as i can finish. Bear in mind I have an 8yr old bouncing on my head almost every second I work on these. Lol
  22. That is one badd ass piss jug.
  23. That would kill at the canal right now. Last time i was there (couple weeks ago), there were so many pb ya could walk on em.