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  1. Yeah, i was looking into what goes into doing it… then quickly looked away lol. Very big investment for such little return. Add the overhead and it seems like you’d have to crank em out for an eternity before you’d see a penny. Definitely explains why there’s not more sources. Checked out the other places suggested earlier and it looks like they all sell 1 basic danny style lip. All the same exact one to.
  2. Should start a company that makes nothing but lips. Lips of all sizes and shapes. 100 sizes and variations of every kind of lip. Grommets? Nah man, we only deal in lips. Call it “Lip Service”
  3. Someone mentioned penmanship.. Look at the frikin signature on that one. Wow. Beautiful. Looks like santa clause signed it. I think I know what I want for xmas
  4. $100 for both? (Just cuz the damage)
  5. I thought that one had a mustache for a second.
  6. Yeah I built mine based on pictures/plans online. Only thing i was missing/been looking for is that part. Unbeknownst to me at the time, i was using pics of his duplicators as inspiration all along, and looking for the tool he makes to complete the rig
  7. That doesn’t sound so bad. Sounds fun. Now I can’t wait till I need a knee replaced.. but will my luck i’ll end up with a yoga pants wearing big sweetish guy named Hanz.
  8. That was you!? Haha. Well.. ya better stay the f away from my plug lol. Nah but anyway it’s a trade for them poppers I sent you guys. Olive swirly I believe.
  9. We were literally just discussing that in pm. He’s going to send one my way in a couple weeks. Now i get what people mean when they say Paul is the man.
  10. I’m about to have one any day now. And I believe it’s a one off. I feel like I should have a baby shower for it or something.
  11. I’m going to look into those places right now. Thanks man
  12. Yeah I looked into that. Basically my searching led me right back to older threads on here talking about how it’s an immense pain in the A to do. Big investment, special tooling, time consuming, etc etc. But idk man. If ya did get into it you’d have no problem finding customers.
  13. Yeah I just replicated the way the banjo mounts to the bed, all held by a single large wing nut and washer. It’s solid as a rock, but can be very simply loosened and moved side to side along the bed. Also have those cut outs in the bed for the tailstock to move in closer for shorter turning. Now I just have to ditch the fence and clamps, and trick it out with an adjustment plate system like you have. Thanks steel! Been scratching my head about this for a while and now the veil is lifted lol. (I’m no machinist, just a dumb painter.) As for the cutter, I’d been making due with a modified scraper (definitely don’t recommend it). Been trying to avoid buying a $70 carbide tool just to rip it apart but I think that’s what it’s gonna come down to. … BUT if it’s what it’s gonna take to crank em out more efficiently, it’ll be well worth it. Again, thanks steel.
  14. I’ve been searching hard for more than just the 2 sources I know of (1 if you don’t count NJ) and coming up short. It’s unsettling how few sources there seem to be, and what sources there are, are just “a guy”. Gives me a frightening vision of myself clipping up paint can lids to make a pikie. Lol.
  15. I’ve got a “duplicator” I made but it needs a LOT of refinement. Question: what carbide tool are you using? I also really need to study and figure out that adjustment system. Mine is built basically based on pics from online. It has a fence on the back and i tried to cut templates to just drop in… which hasn’t worked out so far. Right now it does an awesome job at duplicating…. really chubby or skinny versions of what I actually want lol.
  16. Anyone care to share any other sources for metal lips specifically?.. other than nj and saltys that is.
  17. I order from them and it shows up in 3 days
  18. Yeah.. I haven’t been squawking because, ya know, covid times. Raw materials in short supply, probably operating on a skeleton crew over there, etc etc. plus no idea what’s going on in people’s personal lives. Who knows, maybe someone got sick and sending me my sack of bent sheet metal ain’t exactly priority #1. I totally get it.
  19. Ordered 8/29, payment processed 8/30. Called 9/25. He said what I ordered was out of stock. I said … fine, could ya just send me some extra lips or something in lieu of the stuff that’s out of stock? He said sure, I’ll square it away tomorrow. Its now November. No stuff. Going on 3 months here
  20. Wow. Your lathe skills are better than mine. Yeah I gotta get some fancy wood and make the old lady a french rolling pin or something. (…..needlefish minus everything but the wood )
  21. Man you’re lucky. My wife gives me crap for spending too much time messing with lures. Calls me the cellar dweller lol. . Generally it’s more buoyant wood like cedars for surface plugs. Hardwoods are popular for something like a sinking needlefish because it’s more dense. Only advice i can really give you (and I imagine most on here will agree) is: experiment. It’s pretty routine for me to make multiple identical plugs all of different woods just to see which one is best at doing what i want it to do. The wood is just yet another variable. ps. Post a pic of that wood. Somebody might know what it is just from the pic.
  22. Looks like someone swiped a couple metal lips off the end and put those there so nobody would notice.
  23. Damn! Plug heaven