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  1. That’s awesome
  2. Reading this, I just realized something. I’ve never even seen another person in real life fish a needlefish.. or a darter… or metal lip. Everyone always seems to have pencil popper, sp minnow, or soft tail jig. I for one love the needlefish
  3. Just make him super uncomfortable when he tries to talk to you. Be like “I don’t feel like talking man, my boyfriend just slept with another dude” or “I just pooped my pants!” Guaranteed he won’t get in your way anymore and he won’t forget who you are next year.
  4. Just do what i did. Buy, test drive, and immediately return every rod in every shop within 100 miles
  5. As for the banging you mentioned. Sounds like it’s definitely the knots banging the eyelets on the way out. Idk about you, but I wouldn’t want that. If ya can’t find a solution ya might just have to compromise: Switch to braid with an fg, much shorter leader, or all of the above. All going to be less stress than losing the fish of a lifetime because of a cracked eyelet.
  6. For a knot that needs to travel through guides it would be fg all the way. Only problem is that’s specifically a braid to mono knot. Highly doubt it would work mono to mono because the key feature of the fg is that the braid bites into the mono. If ya tried a mono to mono fg you’d prob just have mono slippin and sliding everywhere
  7. By the way, that’s a nice lure. Was the lip part of the casting or did you install it later of another material?
  8. No the heating during curing is no problem. The “heat deflection temperature” is how much heat the cured resin can withstand once cured (and made into a lure).
  9. Yeah I used the alumilite white. Hardness = ok. However it has a heat definition temp of only like140. You leave that lure out on a boat or in your car on a hot day and it’ll turn into putty.
  10. What needles have you tried already?
  11. Filling with foam actually ain’t a bad idea. I have a couple and like the action in the water, however hate the way they cast. Foam might give them more momentum in flight while retaining buoyancy. If you use foam though, don’t use that insulation crap from home depot.. unless you seal it good with epoxy after. That stuff takes on water like a sponge. I would use marine grade expanding foam. I got some of that stuff from US composites, fairly inexpensive. In the specs it says it can handle like 6 years of continuous exposure to sea water before it begins to break down.. I think that’ll do
  12. How long is your leader?
  13. Eventually it’s going to funnel down to asking yourself that golden question: Repeated repair costs and always trying to figure out “what the heck is wrong with it now?”, or a new car payment. Which one is going to be less expensive/less stressful to you in the long run?
  14. Politics has basically turned into sports. team A hates team B. Why? Because team B sucks and We’re #1. We didn’t win, let’s burn stuff. and there’s wackos on both sides, who’s pay checks get fatter the more **** they stir. Watching fox or cnn for a minute feels like being peddled an ideology by a used car salesman.
  15. Remember when the who sold many many billions worth of purell, and then were like “oh what.. it’s airborne. Woops te he”
  16. Sorry. I said 9’6”.. I mean 6’8”. Flip flopped my numbers and off by 1. Haha. Anyway yeah, it’s a great rig for the canal when the tide is high and you have bushes at your back
  17. Found at a garage sale. Paid $12 for it.
  18. Cheaper end: penn prevail and daiwa bg higher end: lamiglas gsb and shimano saragosa. 6k size reels are everything ya need, nothing ya don’t.
  19. I used $100- special rods for the longest time (ugly stick, penn, tsunami). Probably 4 years ago now I decided I wanted to finally get a “quality rod”… but had no idea what to get. Everyone had their personal thing they said was “ the best” and i was left dizzy from reading all the specs online. Finally decided i was going to run a little scam one summer . I would buy a rod, take it out fishing once (being very careful with it of course), see how she ran, then immediately return it the next day. A test drive if you will of each rod. Maybe I’m insane (most likely) but I’m like the frikin princess and the pea when it comes to gear.. particularly when that gear is $$$. So anyway i ran the gambit with rods. Century, st croix, tfo, odm, etc etc. multiple models of each maker. My final decision: Lamiglas gsb. I haven’t used a rod prior or since that felt as “right” to me or performed like my gsb. Rep for being tough as nails, unconditional lifetime warranty, and being made in the good ol USA don’t hurt either. Of course this is all personal preference and i mainly throw plugs from shore. Long and the short of it: give the gsb line a shot if ya haven’t already.
  20. I got a 9’6” charter special a couple years ago for a light setup with a shimano stradic. Was trying to get a sizuki special but at the time I couldn’t find one, so i said “f it” and just got the charter. I use it as a light setup from shore mainly at the ccc, and it casts smaller plugs pretty far (even though that’s not really what it’s made for ). I’ve yet to catch any keepers on it but it hoists in those little 20”- fish like a joke.
  21. Sp minnow. “They cast a mile!!” uhh.. they weigh 1 oz including the hooks and are full of air.. no they don’t.