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  1. Hmm. I think the wife might be missing some tupperware lids very very soon
  2. Yeah I figured it must be a comb of some kind, but in the back of my head i was like “can’t be just a comb.. can’t be that simple”. Lol.
  3. Those are some sweet patterns and imagine with that shape they cast real well. Gotta ask, what’d you use to do the stripes on blue? ..if you don’t mind sharing that is.
  4. I’ve done a lot of experimentation with that material. In fact that spook I posted a couple pages back is made of the Azek. One thing to be aware of: the thermal expansion/contraction of that stuff (cellular pvc) is much greater than that of wood. Make sure to use an epoxy with some flex to it, and just don’t forget them in the truck when it’s 100 degrees out. Lol.
  5. Yeah a lot do have the line tie coming straight out the nose like the doc for example. They also have a weird weight layout (half in the nose, half in the tail, super light plastic all throughout the rest). Honestly not really a fan of that style because the whole lure stays somewhat level and just sub surface, making it a little more labor intensive to make it walk. Spooks with weight more towards the tail and the off set line tie more closely resemble the original zara spook, which in my opinion is kinda the spook gold standard. It’s just naturally gonna cast better and walk easier. Here’s an old composite one I made that walks like a mofo. Note the barely off center line tie.
  6. From the pics it looks like you have them straight through holed/ line tie coming out dead center of nose. Try a clone of your favorite but with an off center through hole, so the line tie comes out a little below center rather than dead center. That might do it.
  7. Love a big spook. They make me want to go candlepin bowling lol. Let me guess, is it the one on the left that just needs a little tweak?
  8. The small heddon is my all time favorite fresh water lure. If these cast and walk just as good, i will do anything for one. Lol.
  9. Yeah, when you mess with it enough, ya start to recognize a distinct smell between not quite yet dry poly and dry poly. I would give them a solid 2 weeks hanging right near my oil burner. Sometimes longer. I do mostly the epoxy thing now myself
  10. I finally got in contact about a month ago. Asked that they just cancel and refund me for the order i made all the way back at the beginning of the summer. He explained it must’ve slipped through the cracks and sincerely apologized. Next day the money was returned to my account. With the slate clean, I placed a new order, making certain everything in my cart was in stock. A couple weeks later i was reviewing my bank statements and saw that my order was randomly refunded a few days after placing it. I haven’t attempted to make an order with them since.
  11. So after a dozen little tweaks and upgrades I’ve finally got the duplicator up and running to max capacity. It’s awesome, can turn out a dozen blanks almost effortlessly in the time it would’ve taken me to do maybe 2. Loving this doohickey because I’m insanely ocd when it comes to everything coming out uniform, which before meant: measure 50 times, cut once, aaaand repeat. One major upgrade I thought of (and I’m sure others have prob already thought of/done) is add index pins for maximum repeatability. I drilled two 3/16 holes clear through on either side of the duplicator and made pins out of an old worn out 3/16 long drill bit. Now when I have a template adjusted right to where it’s making the blanks just how i want them, i flip the entire duplicator and guide a 3/16 bit through the existing holes in the dupe to cut corresponding holes in the template. The result is being able to swap from one template to another, to another without any adjustment or fuss. Just line up the pins and she’s ready to rock.
  12. Ok that’s the best wonder bread I’ve ever seen.
  13. Yeah i was gonna say.. if you airbrushed that then i quit. Lol
  14. Oh yeah very fast sink. It’s just the simplest shape plug, been making it the longest. Used to just make them out of dowels sanded to shape mickey mouse style spinning on the drill press. 2.5 oz. 1/4 oz in the tail, 1/4 oz in belly right behind eyes. Hell of a wobble on a slow retrieve. Casts great. Made it specifically for fishing the canal. figured it would be an easy first template because it’s basically a hot dog that’s fatter on one end lol.
  15. Finally got a little time to get the rig up and running today. Just turned out my first clone. A thanks to steelpulse for making me that cutter, and the rest of y’all for the tips/tricks, and pics of your own rigs to help me improve on my own.
  16. Gettin’ lippy
  17. Bro. Those are frikin nice. Those gold, purp, and green swirly ones are like some Aurora borealis ****
  18. It looks like you figured out Daves top secret stencil material. Quick! Tell us what it is!
  19. Yes. Hmm. Maybe the eyeball makers we buy from have some
  20. Thanks man. Will do. Always looking for new stencil material
  21. Oh I like that. Very froggy
  22. You scoundrel! Lol jk. Idk what you use but the pattern looks very fiberglass like. Frikin sweet color fade on that one by the way