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    Of all the things I’ve lost, my mind is what i miss most.
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    Fishing, making lures, shooting, reloading, chillin with my son.
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    Master bater. …I mean painter.

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  1. It’s the secret formula I will take to the grave
  2. I will take that as a definitely
  3. Any time sonny Ps. Can I have one of them big prototypes for x mas?
  4. @bassmaster
  5. Neither. I vote saragosa 6k.
  6. Bro!! Me want!!
  7. Holy crap! Those look amazing dude.
  8. Can he paint?
  9. She’s finally complete
  10. At first I thought it was carved of soap stone. Then thought it was some exotic wood. Very cool paint job.
  11. Yeah… the mold release seems to work a lot better in the instructional videos than it does in real life. Lol.
  12. This ol gibbs.
  13. Did you know a farmer is outstanding in his field. …no literally
  14. Done!?? But I wanted a torpedo, couple flo dannys, and one of them big prototypes for Christmas. I was good.
  15. Screw it! I will take the shads!