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    Of all the things I’ve lost, my mind is what i miss most.
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    Fishing, making lures, shooting, reloading, chillin with my son.
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    Master bater. …I mean painter.

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  1. You just keep that popper away from the seals you plug pimp you.
  2. No prob my man. And just rest up son, no need to force yourself to the lathe… getting better is #1.
  3. All beautiful. You pick Do love that middle needle tho.
  4. Little pikie, little popper, little piggy.
  5. Just a quick dip, now ready for our trip.
  6. Haha awesome. Yeah i was looking at the original pic of them you posted of them and was also calling them “ice cream Kones1” in my head . Also while at the lathe i took the recipe you gave for them and kind of made my own version just messing around (altering a few things about it so it’s not just a total copycat). Took one look at it fresh off the spinner and named it “lil pig” lol. Now I need to make 2 more so i can have 3 lil pigs. ….I have a few screws loose if it isn’t obvious by now lol PS. Don’t forget to send me your shipping to that email I provided so i can get ya the popper
  7. That popper is ready. Send me your shipping info btmaney@hotmail.
  8. Finally got a little dick around time this evening.
  9. You will soon enough.. well soon as i can finish. Bear in mind I have an 8yr old bouncing on my head almost every second I work on these. Lol
  10. That is one badd ass piss jug.
  11. That would kill at the canal right now. Last time i was there (couple weeks ago), there were so many pb ya could walk on em.
  12. I had this vision in my head of a Candy apple plug with bone and gold pin strips…. But then I thought, man that would be insanely tedious….and insanely impractical lol.
  13. Beautiful (plugs and bikes). Yeah I just checked out your channel and saw a lot of older vids of the bikes. Love that candy apple