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  1. I had the 2500 and sold it for the 4000. I wanted the extra line capacity and slightly bigger gear plus it only weighs like 1 oz more.
  2. It’s simple, if you plan on dunking regularly go vr if not go tp for sure.
  3. As long as your not dunking it tp should be good but you could also consider Daiwa Saltist mq. With all the sizes you’ll definitely be able to find one that balances perfectly for you. If you want the ultimate you could go twin power sw 4000 which would better sealed than the aforementioned reels.
  4. It’s important to know that the stradic, regular twin power and spheros size 4000 and under are not in the same class as the twin power sw, gosa, and Spheros sw size 5000 and up. When I say class I don’t mean that the stradic and tp are bad they are just lighter duty less sealed reels but great. Moving on to your question, as was already stated the spheros sw and gosa are kind of the point of diminishing returns. Once you step up to the twin power sw you are definitely getting a better reel but it’s not THAT much better than the gosa to justify the price increase. I have one just because I can afford it and wanted to spoil myself. From a function standpoint all you need 99% of the time would be the spheros sw.
  5. Gosa has ipx8 rating not 9
  6. I'm having trouble deciding between these two. The Saragosa is tried and true and Scoob said in his video (slammer 3 vs gosa) that he would still pick the gosa for surf fishing over the slammer 3 but I couldn't really understand why after he gave so much praise to the slammer 3. Now with the slammer 4 dx coming I just can't decide. I don't care which side your on or if your a fanboy I still want to hear opinions.
  7. Thanks! I should be able to make this work since I don’t think getting splashed by waves really counts as dunking. Maybe the occasional dunk if I get caught off guard or lose my balance in the surf.
  8. What is VS, ZB and 704z?
  9. It seems like the only differences now between these two is the drag and maybe the gear material or extra bearings? I can't see why anyone would buy the Saragossa now unless they need that extra stopping power? Is the Saragosa sealed better somehow? I'm in the market for one of these and I trust y'alls opinion.
  10. I guess we are all guilty of not supporting him monetarily on patreon or something. I do value his content. If I would have known he was going to stop I probably would have donated.
  11. Reason I asked is because I do have a chance to buy a slammer 3 for under $200
  12. Why would you choose the slammer 3? Isn't the 4 supposed to be a lot better? I thought they improved the seals somewhere?
  13. Can anyone find whether or not the dx is lighter than the normal version? I know stainless might save a little weight but they added a bearing as well which adds weight so I'm not sure.
  14. I’m trying to decide between a teramar px 8’ xh spinning vs a lamiglas carbon surf 9’ m for all purpose surf casting jigs and spoons 1-3oz. Anyone have any input on which direction I should go? I’m guessing the teramar would be a lot lighter which is a big plus for me. (Shoulder issues)
  15. So does Daiwa or Shimano even make a fully sealed spinning reel? If so which ones? (Probably higher end I’m guessing) None of the reel descriptions ever say if they are fully sealed or not.